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7 Most Important Factors Consider Before Relocating to a New City.

7 Most Important Factors to Move a New City

Moving to a new place due to a job transfer or to find a new opportunity in life plays an important role in everyone’s life. There are anxieties, heart burn worrying factors challenging everyone’s thoughts day in and day out. The first and foremost factor is, that one is a stranger to the new place he intends to relocate to! People, places around, and the affordable facilities one can find. There are many factors to be considered while planning to relocate to a new place.

Among them, seven new important factors are given below:

1)Neighbourhood and new friends

2)Future employment prospects

3) Moving goods, relocating expenses

4)Cultural differences

5) Weather conditions & Check List

6) Cost of living

7) finding Schools, Colleges nearby

1)Neighbourhood and New Friends:


The person who intends to relocate to a new place should first visit the place and check the affordability of living in a new place. One should explore the neighbourhood to check the amicable living conditions. Finding new friends in a new place is one of the relocating challenges for all! The family would like to make friends with new neighbours and also are in search of finding a place suitable to walk the pet dog around. The search for the best restaurants, eateries, bus stands, taxi stands and supermarkets in the vicinity is very much of importance. The devotional places and parks nearby to the new place to relocate are what one should focus on. Not to forget the recreational places like shopping malls, Film theatres, community centres, etc.

2. Future Employment Prospects:

There are two factors in the life of an employee. It could be a transfer of workplace to a new city or one has left the present job and received a new offer of employment in a new company, where he/she is required to relocate to a new place! The main factor is about commuting to the new office from one’s new residence. The transport facilities play an important role in affordability to commute comfortably and cost-effectively. Another important aspect is of cost of living in the new place with all amenities required at a comfortable distance. Researching new companies, employees, and suitable work environments is very much part of the relocating challenges. One will conduct this before accepting the new employment offer!

3.Moving Goods, Relocating Expenses:

There are many options available for moving goods to a new place. It could be tough goods like beds, cupboards, and furniture along with other household items like washing machines, microwave ovens, lights, fans, Air conditioners, etc. One should find the best movers and packers for the transportation of all goods in a professional way and without damage. The fixing of the same in the new place finalised to relocate one’s belongings should be foolproof. There should be no wear and tear. Therefore, one should find the appropriate. One should take care of this aspect of relocating challenges, as no one would like to get their best goods which are also high on the pocket to be damaged or become worthless to use! Again, buying the same things once again will pose a new challenge to one’s cost of living and add to extra expenses. The cost factor in choosing the best movers and packers should be within one’s affordability metrics and should not go overboard.

4. Cultural Differences:

Cultural differences pop out when one plans to relocate to a new place. One has to find an appropriate neighbourhood, where there are communal harmony and people of mixed faith. The biggest relocation challenge is finding a place where there is no political jingoism! There are societies, whose management does not allow household furniture and other heavy appliances cannot be shifted using the lift. So, first and foremost it is imperative to find an adjusting company for moving goods, whose staff are ready to move goods using the staircase, even if the flat is on the higher floors! The companies have able-bodied staff to do this without damaging any of the new society’s premises. One should try to find people residing in one’s communities and of the same corporate culture. Cultural differences won’t trouble if the families practicing the same cost of living standards are in the neighbourhood, where one intends to relocate! It would be great if one finds people in a new place, where the same age group of children of theirs go to the same school or colleges as them. Thus, a healthy relationship is built.

5. Weather Conditions & Check List:

Weather conditions play an important role when one intends to relocate to a new place. If it is north India or northeast, then it is a cold climate where the person and his family will find it tough to adjust. So, the best way to find a place is to check the suitable weather conditions, one has adapted to one’s life along with the family, keeping an eye on the affordability of expenditure. Making an appropriate checklist, before moving bags and baggage is of paramount importance. Unwanted things should be sold and try to take things that are of primary importance. Worn-out mattresses, age-old furniture, even an old TV set, or any other things can be done away with. One can always buy a new set of goods after settling down in the new place. This is also a part of the relocating challenges, one experiences all along.

6. Cost of Living:

This is one of the relocating challenges one faces while settling down in the new abode. There are some cities, where one faces an economic uplift, like if both the couple are working then there is a healthy take-home salary, but in the case of a single parent working, then the implications of managing the household expenses become challenging towards the cost-of-living scenario. So, one should tackle the situation by finding the right place where no threats of affordability are encountered. During the first visit to the new place before one plan to relocate, is to find out about the parking facility on the premises. This refers to the person who owns a car for commuting.

7. Finding Schools, Colleges Nearby:

The person who intends to relocate to a new place has to prioritize the child or children’s education. Beforehand, one should find a school with affordability and an institution that imparts quality education. The school found out should have school buses for children up to the age of tenth standard. College-going children can commute by themselves. The school timings are important for children below 7th standard. These are important factors one needs to consider, as it is part of one of the relocating challenges to new premises. Also, one should take care of the school, and college fees and the regular expenditure of buying books, school uniforms, shoes, and other extra expenses incurred. It could be the school and college authorities’ demand for extra funds, for the various functions, and cultural activities of the institutions. One should be prepared beforehand, as these expenses do not pose a challenge to the cost-of-living standards!


As we found out about the different relocating challenges while shifting to a new place, the perfect preparedness for the same is required. One can also take the family to visit the new premises, and conduct a recce, before moving goods and finalise a plan to relocate to a new city. All these above-mentioned seven important pointers need to be considered for a successful relocation!

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