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Packing Material that Packers and Movers use

Packing of goods

Every household requires different types of packing material for their relocation needs. Different materials are used which these items are made. Cloud packers and movers use different types of packing materials to pack these items. The quality of packing material being used for years is of international standards. We offer both full packing services in which all items of your household or office are packed. Alternatively, we also provide partial packing services in which you might only like to get fragile items or some of the selective electronic items and kitchen crockery to be packed. You have to tell us about your packing needs and we will do it for you hassle free.

For specific items, the following packing material is used by packers and movers-

For furniture (Wood & Steel) –Bubble wraps, Corrugate sheet and Waterproof lamination


For electronic items – Bubble wraps, Thermocol, Carton Boxes, Corrugate sheet, Air Bubble, Newspapers, Foam Sheets, Waterproof lamination and tapes.


Kitchen utensils – Bubble wraps, Newspapers, Carton boxes and Waterproof lamination

For clothes – Carton boxes, tap and Waterproof lamination


For Delicate items and crockeries– Bubble wraps, Newspapers, Waterproof lamination and tapes.


For Bike, Scotty and Cycle – Bubble wraps, Tapes, Corrugate sheet, Waterproof lamination, Tapes, and Foam Sheets.

All types of packing

In detail the material used by Cloud packers and movers to execute relocation works is as follows:-

1. Bubble wraps

bubble wraps

Bubble wraps are the most useful form of packing materials. It keeps the goods safe and secure during transit. Its bubbles of sealed air provide a flexible but durable cushion that forms a surprisingly sturdy barrier against impact. When packing in two to three layers bubble wraps combined with corrugated boxes can withstand even severe impacts during transport. The air filled bubbles don’t allow any pressure to affect the items directly.

You can cut the bubble wraps using a scissor into any shape and size depending on the item you wish to pack. For big and oddly shaped items you need to have larger sheets of bubble wraps for it is malleable enough to cover the entire object.

The best part about bubble wraps is that they are reusable. As long as most of the bubbles are intact bubble wraps can be used again. This makes it recyclable for those who have to undergo frequent relocations due to job demands etc.

It is one of the lightest packing materials. Its structure is mostly air, with a few layers of ultra-lightweight plastic for durability. It converts into saving in costs wherever the transport involves shipping and weight criteria. In surface transport also proves to be cost effective since a lighter packing material and lower weight leads to lower fuel consumption.

Lately, bubble wrap has emerged as the best option for packers and movers and Cloud packers use it extensively in many of their relocation works.

2. Foam Sheets

Foam Sheet

Foam sheets/blankets are thick and large in size. They are mostly used by professional packers and movers to pack large furniture items like sofa sets and cabinets. This sheet protects against all types of scratches and dents. It provides cushioning and is used by packers and movers for transport by road.

When heavy items have to be packed and moved down the stairs they are very useful for the safety of items against scratches and dents. Other items like Amirahs, Dining tables, Washing machines etc. are also packed with foam. The protective layering that these foams provide is the reason why packers and movers use these foam sheets for various packing requirements.

3. Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

packing box

Corrugated Cardboard boxes are most commonly used by packers and movers for daily needs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cardboard is a good packing material and is used for items like kitchen utensils, clothes etc. Totally reusable they can be folded in kept in stores inside your houses.

As they occupy less space if folded they can be used for frequent relocations. They provide a superior cushion for any product and keep items inside protected during transport and shipping. Fragile contents like glass items, electronic items etc. are secure inside these boxes.

4. Speciality Boxes

Speciality Boxes

These are special boxes that are used by packers and movers for specific kinds of items like wardrobe boxes, dish boxes, artwork boxes, mirror boxes, LCD boxes etc. They are made from strong cardboard and some kind of plastic material. They are shaped in a way to carry delicate items without damaging your household goods.

  • Wardrobe boxes – You really love your clothes and want them to be wrinkle free. Then the wardrobe boxes are a good option for you. These boxes come with a metal bar holding hangers.
  • Heavy-duty boxes – They are double-walled boxes that can carry items like, lampshades, plants and many other delicate and fragile items.
  • Cell kits – These boxes with dividers are used for carrying glass items, kitchen crockery, antique items etc. Each cell places one item which leads to safety and damage free relocation.
  • Electronic boxes – As the name so the use. They are used for packing electronic items like LCD, LED, Computer screens etc. These are costly items and carrying them in boxes minimises the risk of any type of breakages etc.

5. Thermocol Sheets

Thermocol sheets

Thermocol sheets are used by packers and movers to protect the belongings inside from the rain. The thermocol sheets ensure that the goods inside are not exposed to any external element that can cause harm to them. Cloud packers use top quality thermocol sheets for the packing requirements.

Electronic items like LED, music systems, inverters etc. are packaged by Cloud packers using thermocol sheets inside boxes. This is the way how companies pack such new products. The thermocol packing protects such items from shocks and friction during transport. Thermocol packing protects the items inside from weather conditions outside.

6. Inflatable Packing Material

Inflatable Packing Material

This is one of the products which is used by reputed packing companies such as Cloud packers and movers. It is used in packing highly fragile items like china vases, television and computer screens. Such packaging material is completely safe during loading, transportation and further unloading. The material comprises of plastic casing having sealed air inside it which acts as a cushion.

7. Packing paper / News Paper

packing paper

Packers used a special type of packers to pack goods intact. In India packers alternet with normal newspaper sometime. Wrapping paper is it is also called is the first layer in case of packing of items. The colour of the packing paper is mostly white or brown.

Delicate items used in a household like glass, ceramics, porcelain and fragile items need to be wrapped with packing paper before other protective packing methods are applied to it. It can also be wrinkled and filled in a space to use as a filler. During relocation, the packing paper protects all items from dirt and dust.

8. Packing Tapes

Cloud Packers taps

Packing tapes prove to be reinforcing agents after the packing using all other items has been done. These are used for securing the items inside the boxes and sealing the boxes properly. When layers of packing tape are added on top and bottom of the boxes it makes the box sturdy. Using top quality tapes make the packing process robust and sturdy. It is quite a well-known fact that cheap tapes lead to frustration down the road. Cloud packers have always believed in quality.

9. Stretch Wrap / Water & Dust Proof Lamination

Stretch Wrap

Stretch warp which is also known as  Waterproof lamination is used during long distance shifting process. Stretch wrap is a very thin layer of polythene with self adhesive quality and it has very good stretchable capacity. This clear and transparent film keeps items very tightly and saves space during movement.

Due to this tide holding capacity there is very little risk of damage. This stretch wrap is used as the last layer of packing to protect goods from moisture and dust. Stretch wrap can be used in almost all packing types but is mandatory on Carton boxes, on mattresses, suitcases, chairs, table wooden furniture and etc. Industrial parts and heavy machinery are always packed by stretch wrap.

10. Plastic Carate

Plastic Carate

This is not normally used for local movement by packers and movers. Plastic carate is very strong and durable. It can be kept one after another keeping the inside good very safe. Small items took lots of time to pack but in local movement packers use Plastic carate which keeps goods very safe during transport. Plastic carate can use multiple times so this reduces packing costs in the local movement.

11. Wooden Frame

Wooden Frame

This is used for delicate items such as LED/LCD tv, Big mirror, Painting and large glass item for long movement. Wooden Frame may vary according to the size of the goods. This is a locally made frame using wood Batam. Wooden Frame is a bit expensive and becomes heavy after packing but it has become very safe during transit. Before adding any goods to the wooden frame goods need to pack properly such as bubble, warp, Corrugate sheet and Stretch wrap.

For example, if a 52” LED tv has an original packing but still, in a long movement, a right packer will suggest a wooden frame. If the same LED tv doesn’t have the original packing the wooden frame is a must in that case. An original packing of TV can transport for a long distance but as the TV Is moving with household good which has different shape and size may cause risk of breakage.

12. Nylon Strap

This is used for industrial box packing. Very rarely is it used for household goods packing? These nylon strips are very strong and non-triable strip Falcon Strapping Tensioner to pack a box or any goods.

13. Scissor, Cutter and Tape Dispenser

Scissor and Tape Dispenser

These all are not packing material but used during packing. Tape Dispenser helps and saves a lot of time when you tape a box. The large handle with self cutting mechanism add tape uniformly on the box and cut properly. Scissor and cutter used for normal cutting of bubble wrap, cargo rated sheet and other packing material. These tools are useful and are mostly needed in each and every packing.

14. Markers

kitchen written on box by marker

Permanent markers for various colours are used by all packers while shifting. Products are marked outside the cartons room wise, product wise, quality wise etc. Fragile products are marked fragile so that the labour of the packers and movers company takes very extra care while handling such cartons.

15. Other Packing Materials

All packing material

Apart from these above packing materials there are few packing materials used rarely for household goods packing. These packing materials such as plastic trunk, wood shavings, polystyrene foam peanuts, Corn starch packing material and etc.

Technology is getting updated so in next future we may get a different type of advanced packing material which will make packing more easy and safe.

Cloud packers and movers Bangalore always suggest that you utilize the services of packers and movers for your relocation needs. They are specialists who know the A-Z of the business. Packing is the most important part of the relocation process. If the packing work is not done properly and you use the services of loaders and unloaders only this might caught harm to your precious belongings during the transportation process.

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