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The Best Types of Vehicles for Transportation of Goods.

For a reputed shifting services company such as Cloudpackers.com, possessing own set of vehicles is necessary. Our team can just load the requisite goods onto the vehicles and then transport to the new destination for delivery within the deadline. But do you know there are many types of transportation trucks our packers and movers team use to complete the job? Every vehicle, our company owns, has got its own set of unique abilities to suit different loads and goods. In this article, let us discuss the best type of vehicles for the transportation of goods.

semi trailer truck


This type of truck, you can normally see on the roads. They are capable of fulfilling many relocation journeys. It is possible to upload goods from the sides of the truck or even from the backside. In some models, it is possible to upload from above by removing the tent. This truck can sustain 24000 kgs. Usually, our packers and movers professionals use this vehicle for long-distance moves.
Cloud Packers usr this truck packing and moving from Hyderabad to Delhi and other long distance cities. 

semi truck cloud
jumbo truck cloud packers

Jumbo Trailer Trucks

It has a similar shape to a semi-trailer truck. The only difference is more space in the last part of the vehicle. The goods can get loaded from the back, top, or even from the sides. Cloud packers movers team sometimes use these vehicles for home shifting services. If you want to move from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad we use this type of trucks

Tail Lift Trucks

Our team of movers and packers usually use these vehicles for transporting a bachelor’s belongings or small office equipment to the new location. Usually, this vehicle is used for local house shifting services. The lifting platform at the rear end can help in moving goods inside or outside the vehicle. It can carry nearly 500 to 2000 kgs of goods. If you want to shift your car or bike by cloud packers,  we use this tail lift truck. 

tail lift truck by cloud packers
long truck

Truck Trailer

The most preferred vehicle for long distance moves. The reason, it offers protection against every sort of environmental conditions. Our movers and packers team prefer this vehicle for transporting office equipment or industrial parts for long distance moves. 

Lowboy Trailer

If you see the vehicle, it is similar in appearance to a flatbed trailer. The only difference, the trailer part is situated close to the ground so that it is easy to load the items/goods with ease. Cloud packers use this truck for industrial goods movement. 

Lowboy Trailer
Truck with Refrigeration Capabilities

Truck with Refrigeration Capabilities

As the name suggests, this is a truck used for transporting refrigerated goods or items. The cargo area is designed in such a way to accommodate various temperatures as per the requirements.
These trucks are more expensive & used by food companies and similar organizations to transport eatable items in a frozen state. Goods that can be transported include vegetables, fruits, pharmaceuticals and more. A refrigeration truck can also contain 18 wheels.

Truck with a Flatbed

This truck is a little different from the other vehicles. It will have just a cabin for the driver. This truck is used to mainly shift agricultural produce. It does not have a roof or sides and can be used to shift large amounts of goods one above the other. It is used in farms for loading and unloading of goods with ease. Building companies use these vehicles for transporting materials such as wood, carts, construction material and distribution freights. The goods are usually loaded using a crane.

Truck with a Flatbed by cloud packers

Apart from this Cloud Packers and Movers Hyderabad is using three more types of trucks for transportation , they are:

  1. Straight Truck

The other name is a cube van, cube truck or box truck. The only disadvantage is this truck can get loaded only from the rear side. They are mostly used by the Cloud packers relocation team for transporting official equipment and home items. 


2. Truck Trailer

In this truck, goods can get loaded in a quick time. Usually, the loading space comes between 16 to 25 feet. However, it cannot be used for long-length cargos. 


3. Liftgate trucks

While this truck is called as Liftgates in America, the British term is Lifttails. Although not used in India in high quantity, this truck which has an attached rear end can pick goods from the floor and then load them.


Hope you have gained valuable information on the types of vehicles for transportation of goods. Our Hyderabad Movers and packers team will select only the right vehicle to transport your goods, be it home items, corporate goods, industrial equipment and more. 


Our relocation team selects the right type of vehicle for the transportation of your goods. Having made a name in the relocation industry within a short time, we stand committed to providing high quality shifting services at affordable rates. Call us to get a one stop solution for all your shifting services needs. 

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