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Types Of Packing Material and Understand the Packing Process.

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Moving can be the most challenging task if you do not have the proper guidance of the professionals. Yes, right from packaging to unpacking, everything needs to be done with utmost perfection. Since packing is the very first step towards shifting the goods, it is to be done with proper care. Whether you are doing the packing part yourself or taking the support of movers, you cannot afford to make any compromise with it. Remember, saving money by not hiring the movers can make you repent later with damaged goods in your hand.

This article talks about the types of different packing and the packing process followed by the professional moving companies

packing box

The first type of packing is box packing. Here the goods are repacked in the carton boxes. Since there are different sizes of boxes available in the market, it is very important to choose the right size for the right stuff. When you hire the professionals for packing and moving, they will first analyze the type and volume of goods and will then use the appropriate boxes. With this, these boxes come in different qualities as well. If you are low in budget then you can use the higher quality for packing fragile items and use the cheaper boxes to pack other goods.

Bubble wrap-

Bubble Wrap

It is true that delicate items such as glass, dressing, flower vases and other household items. As the name suggests, this type of packing involves bubbles that protect the fragile items packed inside. Here also, you can avail the bubble wraps of different sizes to pack different sizes of items.


In case, you have extra delicate items to be packed then this type of packing is the safest. When you pack the boxes with Styrofoam, it adds another top layer of protection to the goods. You can ask the professionals to keep the extra delicate items separate and pack them in Styrofoam.

Stretch Wrap-

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap is great packing material that is used at last to hold tight. A very thin layer of plastic warp having self-adhesive to and due to sticky and stretching property it adds value to the packers and protects from dust, water resistance and proter from direct sunlight. 



Help in Sticking bubble warp, and cargo sheet this tiny stuff add great value and plays a major role in every packing. Tap will only add on a packing material to hold with goods, adding tap directly to goods may result in damage or may lead to sticking surface of your goods.

Before and After Packing of a Wooden Box-


Packing process-

The professional movers and packers in BBSR carry out the packing process in a very careful manner. Since these packed goods are then loaded and unloaded at the destination, which involves the risk of damage, packing has to be done with perfection. The moving companies start the packing process by doing an in-house survey first. They first evaluate the number of items and separate the heavy and fragile items. They then get the appropriate packing material to pack the different goods. After packing, they seal it with packing tape from top to bottom.

After the entire packing is done, the professionals label the box. For instance, they will mention ‘fragile’ on the box of fragile items and names of the room carrying the respective goods. The packing is done in such a manner that the goods do not get damaged while they are being relocated. In addition to this, the experienced movers fill the gaps between the goods with fillers so that they do not shift while moving. Therefore, it means that your goods will reach the destination in perfect condition.   


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