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Unpacking Tips for Household Goods after Moving To Your New Destination.

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Are you planning for a move from a place to another location in the same city? Then it is an easy job to get completed with the right relocation team such as our packers and movers Pune to Kolkata team. But the fact is, you need to set right the household items at the new location. In this article, let us look at the unpacking tips for household goods after moving to your new destination.

The unpacking process is a lot more challenging than packing process the items. True, our team can help in unloading the goods, but your family members need to open the boxes, take out the items and rearrange them in the proper order. Do you want to make the process hassle-free and quick? Then read our tips mentioned below –

    • Are you in the new house before the household goods have arrived? Then take care to check if every room is in proper condition. The landlord would have kept it in a clear condition. Check if there is any hazardous material such as empty fire extinguishers, acid buckets or more in the place. If every room is in perfect position, you can start with the unloading process.
    • Your spouse would have kept an essential box or bag in her own responsibility to shift goods to a new city. It will have items such as towel, tooth brushes, clothes, toilet paper to get started in your new home.
    • Have you packed the boxes properly? Then unpack as per the labels on them. Then you can unload them in the proper rooms. Then in the kitchen you can remove the cooking items, glass wares etc. In the bed room, you can remove and lay right the foldable steel cot and bed sheets. Ensure you use the cardboard boxes in the right position.
    • Did you pack the furniture with blankets and other stuff? Then unload them in the outer part of the home. Dust them, and then put them in proper positions.
    • Have you packed your clothes in a proper cardboard box or other containers (suitcases)? Then you can ask your children to arrange them on the wardrobe in the new home.
    • Electronic appliances, in the form of household appliances, come next. If they are properly dismantled, then you can arrange them too in proper fashion. You need to take a few hours to set them working in proper condition.
    • The kitchen is the place where you have to be careful. First, you need to put the knives, plates and cutlery in a proper manner. Being a new home, you should not waste time in looking for an item.
    • You need to stack the detergents for washing clothes in a proper place in the bathroom. If you have a small kid, ensure to keep the detergents at a high place, so that it is impossible for them to reach.
    • If you have moved in the evening, first lay the children’s bed. It is a confusing process for them, so, you need to maintain a sense of normalcy. Let them go to bed early after having a nice dinner.
    • Ensure you keep every item of the children handy. Diapers, clean pillows, bedsheets and baby supplies.
      • Place the items you commonly use at a hand’s reach. The other less used items such as coffee mugs, flashy glassware you use in times of festivals and functions, you can keep them packed in the kitchen drawers. 
      • Check the sink. Is it clean? Do you see dirt? Then clean them. Ensure the kitchen sink is in hygiene condition. If you have gone for an afternoon relocation service, then please do not pester your spouse to cook food the very night. Buy the food from hotels for the entire family. 
      • Do not forget to keep the entryway clean. Ensure it does not get piled up with shoes, clothes and unwanted items. For the shoes and slippers, you can arrange them in a shoe rack. For the mails and other letters, you can keep them in a temporary box to avoid misplacement. Take care to have a proper foot mat on the floor to avoid dirt and others from coming inside. 
      • If you have seniors in your family, get their guidance in unpacking and arranging the household items. 
      • There are times, when you just want to unpack/unload the items and then take a rest. It is the wrong move. Do not shove clothes in the wardrobe or any other place. If any important items get misplaced, you will waste time trying to find the item in the new place. 
    • It is mandatory to skip watching the television serial on the day of the relocation. You have a big job to tackle- that of arranging the household items. 

As the last resort, ensure you have unloaded the entire household items from the truck of our Packers and Movers Pune team. If you have prepared a checklist, it is very useful. Have you read the above mentioned tips? If you follow them, your spouse and family members will get the home working normally in quick time. Let the new home bring joy, happiness and success! We, at CloudPackers team wish you the very best!

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