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How to Pack a Fragile Item?

We have all at least once walked into stores that sell fragile or prone-to-breaking products. These stores have a policy; it is on you if you break the products on display(well, intentionally or accidentally). Even though they give you the satisfaction of examining the item before buying, they come with a risk. 

Well, not that these stores are a thing of the past, but people have gotten more intelligent and shop digital. Believe it or not, people prefer shopping online more than at walk-in-only stores. Whether it is a phone, computer, or something even more fragile, people would definitely avoid the whole process of getting ready and going to the store for shopping. 

Two of the primary reasons for this transition are that shops have started selling online now as eCommerce stores, and the policy has changed. If people find a broken item now, it is in the shop and not on them.

As a result, shop owners or the logistics they use have started paying extra attention to packing, especially fragile items. Here is a complete guide as to how to pack a fragile item.

How to Pack a Fragile Item

A Guide to Packing a Fragile Item

Most of the fragile items shipping companies have to deal with are glass commodities or electronics like a mobile phone or a ceramic cup. These are pretty small objects. Most of the fragile materials are of a considerably small size. This takes us to our first step to packing a fragile item.

Use a Small Box

Packing a fragile item in small boxes can have its advantages, especially if it is heavy. A small cardboard box helps hold the product tight inside, preventing any kind of movement, thus reducing the chances of any breakage or damage. 

The cardboard box should be steady and strong to hold the object. Use only fresh boxes to pack fragile objects. Hence, avoid compensating for any damage in the first place.

Cushion the Object

Easily breakable objects need cushioning during the commuting process. This can be done with the help of bubble wrap. A layer of bubble wrap can do more than just cushion the material. 

Wrap the material twice or thrice with the bubble wrap material before placing it into the cardboard box. This can also protect it against water in case of rain.

Tape it up

A layer of good tape is a given for any kind of packaging, and for a fragile object, it has to be done with double care. 

The bottom of the box should be secured with multiple layers of good glue tape. And after putting the object in the box, seal it with multiple layers around the edges and the opening.

Pack with Foam Nuts

Foam nuts are convenient for packaging. Especially for fragile objects, they help secure their place in the packing box and prevent damages during the commute. 

Before putting the object into the box, fill it with a thin layer of foam nuts. After placing the object, fill the rest of the empty space in the box with these nuts. This will ensure its safety even in pretty rough circumstances.

Use Packing Paper

Packing paper is an essential element in packing fragile material like a cup or a glass tumbler. It is used to fill the hollow space in the object to reduce the pressure on it and help protect it.


Box-in-box is a packing technique that is used to pack extra delicate and expensive items. It protects the item in question under two layers of the corrugated paper box which adds to the safety of the item. 

It is about packing the item in a smaller box, placing it in a bigger box and filling it with packing peanuts or foam nuts to ensure zero movements.

Label it

Without the fragile labeling, packing is incomplete. It is our duty to let everyone know what is inside the package. 

Use a clear and easy-to-read label to mark the box fragile and a request to handle it with delicacy.

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To wrap it all up, an easily breakable object does need quality packing before it hits the road. Whether you follow the above-mentioned tips or not, there is only one rule in how to pack a fragile item; do not let the object move inside the box. If it is packed tightly enough, there is less chance of damaging it during the shipping process. 

Even if you do not have all the appropriate elements mentioned above, like packing paper or foam nuts, the packing can be done just fine using newspaper and pieces of cloth. Make sure you tape it well before transporting it. May you deliver someone’s joy safely and soundly.

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