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12 Steps for a Successful Office Relocation.

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Relocation of the office to a new place is not a cup of tea. To overcome the hurdles, preparation, planning and communication among all the members of the office are always the key to success. If you are planning to plant your office in a new location, just come with us. We will provide you with 5 basic steps for a successful office relocation. We have gathered practical and applicable ideas from our partners to make your pathway smoother.

Packing all stuff in the office, moving to the new location and unpacking all those materials are the subtasks behind the successful office relocation process. If you want to finish all the tasks properly it is crucial to plan all the subtasks from start to the endpoint with date-wise milestones. When you can cross your milestones you will be confident enough and office relocation will be completed successfully.

Now we will discuss pointwise help you with office shifting guideline to build a roadmap for successful office relocation.

#1. Make your plan with milestones:

 Milestone is the roadmap to implement your plans to relocate your office successfully. Here you should subdivide all tasks according to date and distribute all the responsibilities among employees. For example, initially, you are required to find a new suitable office house. It should be within your budget. The location of the office house should be friendly with all your employees.

Don’t forget to check vastu aspects while choosing a new office place as it will lead you towards an infinite level of growth and prosperity. (For example, horse-shaped land with office space incurs the best results according to Vastu).

Office relocation is just a fluid task where change management, planning with a roadmap and communication management can help you the best.

With project planning, and roadmap development you may create a booklet containing all the office relocation aspects will be a great step. Here you may initiate ideas about floor planning of the new office, the color palette of new office walls etc.

After preparation of the plan just consult it with your seniors or subordinates. Plan-making with project management is one of the best steps for successful office relocation.

#2. Prepare a moving team:

Prepare a moving team for office relocation

During a successful office relocation, it is highly crucial to prepare a moving team among all the employees according to their key skills. It will be helpful to distribute all the subtasks among employees and aware them of the milestones or project management.

While preparing your moving army, don’t forget to make one move-in-charge for the entire office relocation process. Move-in-charge will be the person with a great sense of organizational management to detect all the changes of the move, let you inform and make decisions according to the changing situation.

With the help of the move-in-charge, all the employees will be able to perform all the tasks with no stone unturned. After accomplishing all the tasks, the move-in-charge will make a daily report to accomplish the tasks properly.

#3: Develop tech-savvy communication during office relocation:

Communication is the key step during the office relocation process. During an office relocation, you should maintain a daily meeting or reporting time where all the moving team members and other members will be able to communicate with you.

Communication will help employees understand the rationale behind every task and make decisions accordingly.

 Here communication will provide you the pathway to share and exchange ideas. Meeting during decluttering the office is highly crucial when all the employees will be required to pack materials one by one and pack them accordingly.

For better communication, you may implement the RFID tags among move-in team members, you will be able to get their updates in a real-time manner. Here many new technologies are now available such as Virtual reality (VR) glasses to make a virtual tour to the employees of the new office and its itineraries. Such technology-oriented community systems will be helpful for better task implementation.

#4: Appoint a packing & moving company:

hire a packers and movers company for office shifting

During office relocation, choosing the best packing-moving partner within your budget and with your requirements is another best part of a successful office relocation. Consult your office relocation planning, project roadmap and milestones with them.

Don’t forget to make a comparison according to the quality and cost of office relocation with other packing companies. During office relocation managing the budget without quality compromisation are highly crucial point to remember.

Your packing experts will guide you about new technology-based packing procedures, disposal of old or unused materials and relocation with required office materials only. We always recommend you recruit your packing partner in the early phase of office relocation and cut out a lot of headaches with their expertise in office relocation.

During planning with your packing experts, you should ask them to follow Vastu Shastra’s tips to attract new growth opportunities, financial expansion and a healthy work culture.

#5: Notify your stakeholders:

During office relocation, the most promising step is to notify your stakeholders which includes customers, vendors, office partners and others.

Nowadays you can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others to notify your clients and others about changing your office addresses.

You should send mail or letters to the shipping office, post offices, Governmental departments and other related places. They should be aware of your new office addresses to deliver your shipments to the new addresses.

 After completion of most of the steps, you may convey new addresses to the telephone office or other data centres where new customers will come to know about new office addresses.

#6: Beware of data:

During shifting your office to a new address, you should be highly cautious about protecting office work-related data.

Before entry of packers and movers office shifting service, you should separate your hard copy files and other required documents to a safe place.

Sometimes these hardcopies include new clients’ agreements, rent papers and many others which are highly crucial to keep safe.

#7: Check all tasks stepwise:

office mate checking moving work

Office relocation is a herculean task where you should not wait for the result. After planning the office relocation plan you are required to check its progress every day to cross all the milestones accordingly. If progress is checked at all the steps you may avoid small mistakes and quality issues. It will be the best step to avoid last-minute hassles.

#8: Change management:

Before jumping into the office relocation project, you should anticipate some early hazards. It may be seasonal like rainy weather, heat waves etc, strikes, roadblocks and many others. While preparing the office moving project plan, put some gap space within your milestone. It will be helpful for your employees also to adjust the changes and complete the office moving plan successfully.

#9: Dispose of unwanted materials:

During shifting to the new office, it’s not required to carry all the furniture, equipment etc. Discuss with your employees and make a list of required materials only.

 When you can dispose of unwanted materials your packing and moving charges during office relocation will be reduced.

Sometimes we have a lot of old furniture which is not suitable for the new office places. You may sell them off and earn money to buy some attractive showpieces or furniture for the new office. 

#10: Consult with a Vastu specialist:

After packing and moving all the office materials, furniture, equipment etc, you may consult with a vastu specialist during office relocation. In the new office, you will get an idea about placing all the gadgets, show pieces etc. Vastu is a unified study of science, arts, astrology and nature. Your Vastu analyst will give you a thorough idea about placing a community hall, meeting room, office tables and others direction-wise. It will help you to catch new clients or opportunities to grow and expand successfully.

#11: Consult with an interior decor company:

After moving to the new office location, you should consult with an interior decor company. When your packing experts will unpack all the materials you may feel puzzled. This time interior decor experts will help you arrange your office, and colour your office walls attractively. Always remember that you should be one step ahead of your competitors when your clients are feeling happy by visiting your office.

#12: Others This for a successful office relocation:

Before shifting the entire office to the new location, please gather information about local electricians, cyber security experts, police station, fire station and others. These contacts will give you mileage for sudden emergencies at the new place. 

Sum up:

After discussing all the required steps here we are always highlighting about anticipating the entire change during the office relocation. During this change if you can anticipate the changes, defects or qualities you may implement more inquisitive tasks for an accurate and efficient office relocation. Successful implementation of all these steps will help you to relocate your office with growth, harmony and success.

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