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Complete House Relocation Guidelines 2022

House is the best living place for human beings, it is a perfectly combined mixture of memory, comfort, struggle, principle, and emotion along with the attachment of its household goods. A house can be a lifetime achievement of a person so do its household goods. Leaving a house for any reason is painful by heart and needs special care and guidelines to shift harmlessly.

House relocation guideline is the best practice of full-proof preparing of shifting goods from scratch to settlement at your designated house. A safety and fine Relocation Guideline can give maximal protection to goods and save time, money and effort.

Complete House Relocation Guidelines

Complete House Relocation Guidelines
Complete house relocation guidelines

Relocation guidelines can is essential for every move and a proper moving plan with the right time for moving with excellent moving guidelines can leads your moving to a joyful one.

An excellent moving guideline can be split into three major parts.

  • Before Moving Guidelines
  • Moving Day Guidelines
  • After Moving Guidelines

If you are planning to pack and move on your own, you can read this blog: Plan and pack good on your own

Before Moving Guidelines:

Before moving means, you may have the final moving date before six months, but the actual plan of action you can start at least two months before moving until your shifting is completed. You should complete all procuration before seven days of your moving date. Here are a few before moving guidelines for your benefits after you final your moving date:

  • Find reliable packers and movers near you.
  • Get at least three quotations from trusted and professional moving services.
  • After getting quotations Plan your moving budget respective to your monthly budget
  • If needed, you can sell or donate some irrelevant goods to balance your budget.
  • If you sell or donate goods, then request packers to requote for the movement.
  • Verify moving company service, authenticity, and final the best one.
  • Get advance packing material and boxes from the assigned packers to pack your personal items.
  • Schedule your timing and packs your personal belongings (Note- professional packers can pack everything but it is optional if you want to pack your personal belonging.)
  • Pack expensive jewelry items on your own and add them with your travel.
  • Plan your grocery items and semi-liquid goods such as shampoo, oil, etc so that they will finish till moving day.
  • Complete RC transfer formalities if needed.
  • Do needful to change or stop paper, electric, internet, cable, Milk, Gas connection and any subscription.
  • Make an item list of delicate goods which need extra packing care.
  • Plan for food for the moving day as on moving day you cant cook.
  • Hire a carpenter to uninstall electronic items such as AC, Dish antenna, TV, water purifier, etc 
  • or packers and movers have to value carpenter service.
  •  Switch off the fridge the night before moving day.

Moving Day Guidelines

On a moving day, you may not get much time to manage everything, but if you have followed our before moving plan and selected responsible packers, then no worries; following the below few things will wipe out your worries.

  • On the day of moving, wake up early and prepare your food if it is your plan, or you can order it online.
  • Once packing professionals reach your home on time, start packing delicate items using the list we created before.
  • At the same time, you can navigate the carpenter to start uninstalling AC, Dish antenna, TV, water purifier, etc.
  • After properly packing delicate items under your supervision, you can instruct packers on other small goods.
  • After packing the small goods, you can instruct them to dismantle the bed and other oversized items and start packing correctly.
  • After packing all items, packers can start boxing small items and labeling respectively. 
  • After labeling, packers will start numbering the boxes by acknowledging you.
  • Lastly, you must check that nothing is missing from to pack.
  • On the item list, you can declare the value of your goods which is also carried forward for insurance.
  • Complete and take all necessary documents and take care of the financial transition part.
  • Write down truck no, take a photo after loading goods in the truck, and take a photo of consignee copy of bill, bilty and item lists for safe side.

(Note – A well trained professional packers can telecare of all your shifting worries, but following upper guidelines will lead to a full proof relocation. We at cloud packers also strongly recommended this.)

Some extra lines-

  • Before moving from the old place, say buy to your neighbor.
  • Handover house key to the landlord if you are rented
  • Close all the windows and check the water tap and windup and the main switch is off?
  • Give all garbage and wastage to the cleaning truck.

After Moving Guidelines

After moving to a new place, tons of things need to be taken care of, and you have much less time. Still, here are a few guidelines you can follow for an intelligent act and save time. You may reach your destination before reaching your household goods as goods moving trucks move slowly. So here are the guidelines you can follow once your item reaches your destination. 

  • Track your goods and make them available at delivery points personally
  • Cross check and match the photo of the loaded item you took at destiny is the same at the delivery time. 
  • Tally, the number of item mentation in the item list is the same at the delivery time. 
  • Instruct unpacking person and arrange goods as per your needs.
  • Once unpacking is done, you can cross check all items are in excellent condition or if any damage happens.
  • If any damage happed, you could follow the Insurance procedure to claim your Damage for reimbursement.
  • After you inspect all items and if all goods reach in the okay condition you can acknowledge same to the relocation company, and you can relieve them.

You are almost done with the shipping process and the goods arrangement, and back to your everyday life process will start. 

Some extra lines-

  • After relocating new palace started interacting with neighbors
  • Find and start all your subscriptions such as gas, milk, paper, internet and etc.
  • Locate the nearest hospital, Police station and other necessary organisation 

Congratulation now on a successful relocation and settling at your new house. Believe that following this upper guide defiantly help you in your relocation. Adding to this, here are some do and don’ts for relocation that can help with moving guidelines.

Dos and Don’t

Here are some of the dos and don’t that will help you in your relocation


  • Do an early plan of action somehow before 2 to 3 months of moving date.
  • Do visit the packers and movers office and verify thoroughly before finalising one.
  • Do sell and donate goods, cloth and books for an affordable relocation.
  • Do feel free to ask doubts and hidden costs to packers and cross check online reviews.
  • Do present while packing and instruct the packing guy to find your goods properly.
  • Gather information about your destination city before moving to it.
  • Visit your destination house and inspect the area with the availability of hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Say goodbye to your neighbours and thank full to them.


  • Don’t wait for last minute hurry this may mesh up your shifting and be costly also.
  • Don’t just fall for the cheap pricing trap, it may lead to unsafe moving result goods damage.
  • Don’t send unnecessary and unused goods result may increase moving costs. Donation is a Social service.
  • Don’t hesitate or forget to ask about company registration documents and GST Documents.
  • Don’t forget to label box and take photos of it which you need first at the destination city.
  • Don’t forget to research the culture, food and lifestyle of the new city
  • Don’t leave all your responsibility on the property dealer blindly.
  • Don’t forget to pay the amount or return if anything you borrow from your neighbours.

If you keep changing jobs, then moving to a new city with your blogging is part of your life, but if you are married, lucky that you have kids also, they are not used to it. You need special attention for your kids and guide your better half with your moving experience. 

Moving your house is a funny task, and you need the courage to complete it. Here are the final tips for a successful relocation, along with relocation guidelines.

  • Prepare your spouse to be aware of the about moving hassle and guide her at least five months before shifting.
  • If you have kids, then encourage them to this movement if possible, take them to the new house and make used to the new house can result in a less hassle relocation.
  • Keep your phone, laptop, Power bank and emergency light full of charges just before moving and organise all kinds of charges to carry and emergency use.
  • Hire a cleaner to clean your room once you leave, creating a positive impression on your landlord and society.
  • Ready with your language added with important and necessary stuff you need first after reaching the destination, especially for your kids. 

Cloud Packers is a sophisticated moving company that can help you in every possible way for your relocation needs. Once you schedule a physical verification, our supervisor will visit your house and consult you on the multiple solutions which are the best fit for your relocation. Any movement starting from a few items to large bungalow cloud packers can manage presciently by using our past experiences.

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