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15 Proven Tips for a Damage-free Relocation

15 tips for a damage-free relocation

Are you planning to relocate to a new destination? But, packing the household goods into the boxes becomes a nightmare for most of us. During moving the first thought that knocks at our brain is packing and moving all the goods without any kind of damage. Many of us have suffered from the damage of show-pieces, fragile elements and gadgets during long-distance relocation. Now we are going to share some proven tips for your damage-free move to the new destination from our long-term experiences in the packing and moving industry.

To enjoy the damage-free relocation just follow our experience-nurtured roadmap, crafted precisely for all relocators. 

1. Design a plan:

Firstly make a plan about packing all the goods, taking assistance from a professional packing expert, loading, moving etc. It will help you a lot to distribute the entire task into subtasks and complete it step by step. 

2: Unclutter unrequired materials:

During relocating to a new place, you will get a scope to get rid of unutilized gadgets, clothes, utensils and other materials. You may donate or sell those. This step will help you to reduce the number of goods to be packed. Nowadays, there are many platforms like Olx.in and others where you may earn money by selling your old goods. 

3: Sort out required stuff:

After decluttering the unrequired goods and materials you should separate all the materials in different boxes or places like clothes, books, show-pieces, utensils, etc. It will help you during both packing and unpacking. 

4: Prepare the checklist of all goods:

After separating all types of materials you should make a checklist of your total belongings. You should use different highlighter pens to mark valuables, jewellery, electronic gadgets etc. It will give you mileage in the long run. You will not be puzzled whether your materials are packed or left at your old address.

5: Hire professional packers and movers near you:

After listing all your required materials, you should do thorough research on the internet to find out the best professional packer and mover in your locality.
During this research read customers’ review services, check the approximate budget from their quote-making software, and analyse accordingly to find out the pocket-friendly one with satisfactory services.
It’s a must to check whether the packers and movers team will give you insurance protection for your goods or not.

Professional packing experts always showcase their experiences in packing and moving your belongings without any damage.

6: High-quality packing material:

Always ask your packing expert to use the best quality packing materials to move your goods without any kind of damage. You should take the best quality wrapping bubbles, tapes etc to enjoy a damage-free move. All professional packers have their dollies, moving vehicles etc to protect your belongings from damage.

Nowadays some professional packing experts keep their AI packing detector to find out leakage in packing if any. 

7: Be present during packing:

It’s very crucial to be present where packing experts will pack your pre-separated materials within boxes. Only you will be able to inform about the arrangement of boxes during packing. It will help you a lot during unpacking. With proper arrangements, you will be able to avoid damages during your relocation.

8: Don’t forget to level boxes:

While putting different goods in packing boxes please level your boxes with numbers. Please make an index of goods with several boxes and save a snap of the index. After putting all your belongings you should match them with the checklists.

9: Special care for fragile elements and electronic gadgets:

Our customers mostly inform us damages of to their fragile elements (like show-pieces, glass utensils, mirrors, etc) and electrical gadgets due to poor packing and wrong loading within moving vehicles. Be alert about these matters. Please be aware your packing expert to handle these elements with special care.

10: Be alert during furniture packing:

During the relocation period, it’s required to open different parts of furniture like sofa, bed etc. You should be cautious during packing all the parts separately. Don’t forget to mark and collect screws, saddles and other small elements within small zip bags.

11: Check your inventory:

It’s very important to check the entire inventory while packing your belongings. It will help you to find out whether any kind of damage is present or not. If you find any damage you should claim repair money from insurance.

12: Check your roadways:

To enjoy a damage-free relocation it is very crucial to be alert about the pathways to be followed during moving to the new destination. We should prefer smooth pathways like National highways and other smooth ways rather than people-tangled lanes. Your smoo

13: Check your climate and weather reports:

From our experiences, bad climate and weather turbulences are major reasons behind relocation-related damages. Nowadays we are informed by Google and other internet sources about weather forecasts for the coming days. Please ensure a sunshiny day for your moving to get a damage-free relocation.

14: Provide clear instructions to the packing experts:

After packing all the belongings it is crucial to communicate with your packing experts about loading and packing different items.
It is important to separately load temperate-sensitive items, special delicate items, valuable or antique show-pieces etc. Otherwise, temperature fluctuation, and jerking of moving vehicles may damage your delicate items.
Make clear supervision over packing experts in every step of relocation such as packing, loading, moving and unpacking.

15: Check all goods after coming to the new place:

It’s very crucial to check all the goods after coming to the new place. During this time you should be careful to detect damage in your materials. If you find any materials you should inform the packing expert and they will repair them or give you money for it.

These are proven tips for achieving a damage-free relocation. We have gathered all this information from many of our customers. If you want to protect your goods from exhaustion, physical injury or frictional marks please follow all these points. Don’t forget to comment if you have any new ideas about damage-free relocation.


1.How much time I should keep in hand for a damage-free moving?

We always advise our clients to start everything two weeks before their prefixed moving date. With such times you will get early-bird advantages in all aspects.

2.How can I find out the best packers and movers near me?

You should do a thorough internet research to find out the best packers and movers near you. Don’t forget to check previous clients’ experiences in the review section.

3.How can I get moving insurance from hired packing experts?

Please ask your packing and moving partner to provide moving insurance to you. It will give you extra value to get a damage-free relocation.

4.Is it possible to move fragile items without damage?

Yes. Professional packers and movers always use high-quality bubble wrappers, tapes, gums and other required packing materials. So, you may expect a damage-free movement of your fragile items.

5.How do packing experts help me to pack and move furniture without damage?

Professional packers and movers have their moving vehicles, carriages, and dollies to carry heavy vehicles. They have packing experts to pack and load all parts of furniture carefully without any damage.

6.How to get a refund if any damage happens during relocation?

All professional packing and moving companies have their damage-related refund policies of 10-15 days. It is important to check all your belongings within this time limit. If you find any damages to your goods please inform your packing expert quickly.

These tips will help you to relocate your home damage-free. We have been serving society with packing and moving services since 2016. Our experiences blended with dedication have helped us to discover all these tips for your damage-free relocation. After reading if you are interested to know us please visit www.cloudpackers.com Here we are waiting to help you!

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