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Important Tips for Moving During the Monsoon

So, folks, Monsoon is here. Are you enjoying this weather?  Of course, yes, right? There is not a single Indian here who doesn’t wait for a Monsoon and does not enjoy the Monsoon. So Happy Monsoon to you!!! Hey, somebody is saying that they have a problem with Monsoon. What? Are you thinking of relocating? And now the Monsoon is a Nightmare for you! I can understand it’s raining heavily outside, and you are thinking about how to shift the House, and you are worried about your precious household goods and furniture and how to declutter the House in this Monsoon. Just calm down. I am here to give you the best Tips for Moving during the Monsoon.

Tips for Moving House securely during Rainy Days

1.      Rain Forecast Monitoring

This is the first and one of the most important tips for moving houses during rainy days. I know the monsoon is unpredictable, but it is important to keep tracing the Daily Weather report before a few days of moving and plan the moving day according to the rain forecast report.

Monsoon rain can stop in a few hours, but when there is a cyclonic rain situation, you get that update from the Indian Meteorological Department (All Indian Weather forecast). Plan your day of moving according to weather conditions. When it’s continuously raining, it is better to reschedule your moving day to another date.

2.      Choose a Good Weather Moving Day.

House Moving in Monsoon is usually not advisable. But, if there is no other way, choose a day with no predicted rain or a lower chance of rain and a Good Weather day. It is challenging to move houses in heavy rain. If there is less rain, then you can wait to stop the rain; you can start sorting and packing boxes with some remaining work till the rain stops. After the rain stops you can start loading all your households into the truck.

3.      Hire the Best Movers and Packers Company Near to you

It is not an easy task to pack and move a house in Monsoon or on rainy days.  It is more difficult when you declutter your home on your own. Moving on your own is exhausting and time-consuming, and it may damage your household goods and lead to financial losses. So my better suggestion is to hire professional Movers and Packers in Pune. These professional packers have the waterproof material to pack your goods and they will take care of your precious belongings while loading and unloading.  

4.      Prepare yourself and have a good rainy dress code

Rain means risky, slippery roads and wait weather, so there are high chances of slipping and injuring yourself. Also, while moving long distances due to weather and water, there is a high probability of getting infected. So always carry some basic medicines, waterproof jackets, umbrellas, and an extra pair of clothing, and don’t forget to carry drinking water with you.

5.      Take extra care of Elders and Kids

When you are moving long distances with Elders and Kids or small babies, you must have their emergency medicine with you. You also have to carry some food items with you. In Monsoon rain the weather is cold so carry some warm clothes also.  Your family and your loved one are more important than any other.

6.      Choose the right transport Vehicle

When dealing with Packers and Movers, choose the right transport vehicle while moving in the monsoon. Do not choose an open-body truck, it is not advisable in the rain. Always select a close truck or container based on your household size.

7.      Additional Covering

Right Movers and Packers always use high-quality, waterproof packaging materials. Still, because of heavy rain and wind, there may be chances of breaking plastic sheets during packing, unpacking and loading. So always carry some additional covering to protect goods from rain. Focus on keeping things dry.

Some extra attention you have paid to waterproofing sheets and covers; also, do not put packed boxes on moist or wet surfaces. Ask Movers and packers to check the truck cover twice.

8.      Use high-quality Waterproofing material for packing.

Please communicate with your service provider and ask them to choose high-quality, waterproof packaging material. Always use Plastic and bubble wrap, Covers for Electronic devices, covers for furniture, garbage bags, straps, and ropes to reduce the risks of moving House in the rain and keeping your goods in safe condition.

9.      In advance, prepare the new house for household deliveries.

This is the last and very important thing to prepare your relocation house in advance to deliver your households. When you arrive at the new place, use old towels and clothes at the entry for drying and cleaning purposes. You can wear old clothes, remove mud, and clean wet shoes and feet. Use waste clothes to dry the material boxes before unpacking.


The more you organize your move, the more time you will save. You may think that moving House in a monsoon is challenging and risky, especially if it’s a long-distance move. But when you properly plan your move a few days before, wisely choose Movers and Packers in Bangalore; following these important safety tips, your move will be happier forever. Always remember, “Getting organized is a sign of self-respect”. Have a Happy Move!


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