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Moving with Pets: 15 Important tips to Keep your Pets Calm and Comfortable while Moving.

Moving with Pets

Are you tense with the twisted tails of your pets when moving to a new place? Moving to a new place gives us a fresh gust of air and new inspiration. Still, we require a lot of planning, packing, moving, unpacking, etc. Still, moving with pets to a new place is not easy. Our pets are happy with their home, and old atmosphere and think that as their periphery. They twist their tails whenever it comes about to move to a new place.

It’s hard to pack all the required materials (toys, medicines, blankets, twists, etc.) for our furry pets during relocation. Relocation reflects great stress on these babies. We always try our best to provide a comfortable routine to them, but still shifting to a new place shakes them heavily. But, if we plan properly and follow some basic guidelines for pet relocation, we can move with our pets happily and comfortably.

Now, we will share some proven steps you should follow when Moving with pets.

Steps to move with a pet:

#1: Planning:

Moving with pets like dogs or cats is something stressful. To keep them calm and comfortable during the entire journey, it’s important to plan. We should remember that accommodating all goods within boxes makes pets curious and anxious. Your loving pet may disrupt some cardboard boxes, too. So, if you start early, you can complete packing early. During packing, you can provide some playtime to your pet. It will make pets happy and less nervous.

#2: Daily routine maintenance:

Maintaining a pet’s daily routine besides packing the home for moving is crucial. For our furry pets, there are medicines, playtimes, night walks, and others. Such a routine will help dogs, cats, or other pets become calm and quiet during our house moving. Packed boxes and other materials on floors make them anxious and regular routine maintenance allows them to accept the new condition. Our furry pets can sniff and roam here and there, which is crucial to saving them from Fear, Anxiety, and Stress (FES). It’s a point that dogs are always adventure-lovers, but cats are too passionate about their homes. Daily routine maintenance, medication, and physical exercises before the final moving date are a must to move pets comfortably.

#3: Box your home pet’s out of site:

We have noticed in many cases that cats, dogs, or other pets are feeling stressed when you pack goods in front of them while moving with pets. So, we always suggest that our customers complete packing and keep them in a room with toys, food, and other properties. You may complete packing during the pet’s sleeping time, too. In this period, pets can continue their playtime in a confined room, which will also help them in the new destination when your are moving with pets.

 #4: Be cautious about Moving with pets:

Be cautious about travel with pets

It’s crucial to make pets ready for travel. If we can move to the new destination by car, it’s manageable. However, it needs acclimatization when we require a crate or carrier to take our pets on train or aeroplane-based journeys.

We always suggest taking furry pets within the crate when planning to move with pets. We can put food, small toys, etc. and with those things they can get familiar things, smells, etc. It will make them less stressed. You should gather information about the availability of pet places on the plane, crate size variations, etc.

#5: Consult with your vet:

It’s very crucial to consult with a vet before moving with your furry pet. Now you have some mandate duties, which are listed below:

  • You should make a normal consultation date with your vet to make a regular check-up before moving with pets.
  • Please tell your vet to provide medicines to keep your pet’s anxiety and stress levels normal.
  • You may ask your vet for a prescription and keep all your pet’s other medical documents in a file. Which makes your relocation carefree when moving with pets.
  • Please check the last vaccination date for rabies with your vet. It is crucial to check with the new home or destination administration for any other medical papers required when you are moving with pets.

It would help if you asked your vet for any communication with the new vet of the new place. The old vet’s recommendations will help you treat your furry pet in the new environment. Taking sufficient medicines according to your vet’s recommendations is the best idea.

#6: Selection of new home:

Before deciding about the moving with pets at new destination, go and walk the area to check if the new home is suitable for your pets or not.

If you are planning for long-distance travel, you should check that all your interim accommodations (hotels, homestays etc) are pet-friendly or not.

#7: Make your new home pet-proof:

Make your new home pet-proof

It’s very crucial to make our new home pet-proof before Moving with pets. Now we will discuss some steps to make your new home pet-friendly.

  • All the balconies and outdoor vents should be covered with nets. This way, furry pets like dogs and cats can enjoy nature without fear of jumping off the railing.
  • Just after moving to the new house, clearing the entire garden is important. Here, your furry friend will go to spend the playtime. Weeds, insects, and poisonous plants should be erased to protect pets from rashes and other hazards. After moving, a clean garden area and playtime are mandated to make them stress-free.
  • We should not put any rat traps or poisonous things like that to make our home pet-friendly.
  • All the toilet holes and vents should be covered. Otherwise, our pets can go through it and drink liquids, which may cause health issues.
  • During moving and unpacking, there may be electrical cords and accessories. Before letting your pets free in the house, these should be removed.
  • We should put all the chemicals and cleaning materials (surf, detergents, etc.) at the washroom’s upper self or others.

We should remember that chewing is the best option when pets, mainly dogs, feel anxious or stressed. After relocating to the new house, we should provide them with sufficient chewing toys to engage them. It will help us to keep them safe from unprecedented activities.

#8: Keep them inside the room:

Keep them inside the room

If your furry pet is proactive and playful, we always suggest you keep it inside a room after relocating to the new home for at least 4to 5 days.

In this period, you may provide delicious foods, treats, and toys for your pets.

You may spend your leisure time in this room with your furry friend.

After completely unpacking and arranging materials inside the house you should free your pet to roam. It will be helpful for both of you and your pets to get adjusted.

#9: Pack your pet kit last and place it on the top:

We always suggest our customers pack the pet’s required material within a bag to use anytime. We should put sufficient food, treats, and medicines in the bag.

Don’t forget to pack your pet’s food and drinking plates.

Always put this bag with you or place it on the top of the moving vehicles when your are moving with pets. As a result, you can unpack it quickly whenever you require.

In this bag, please take some paper rolls or disposable bags. You can use it for on-the-way clean-ups.

#10: Check the rules of the new place:

If you are planning to move to your new destination, with pets for a job or any other personal aspect, you should check local rules and regulations of the apartment or locality about the pets. For example, in some apartments, there are separate zones for dogs, cats etc. Learning these rules will help provide your pet with a splash of happiness in the new place.

#11: Contact with a pet moving company:

Contact with a pet moving company

When you are deciding to move with your furry friends, narrow down your research with a pet moving company. They will provide a kennel within the moving vehicles (AC/non-ac). In such moving vehicles, your furry friend will be calmer and more comfortable for a long-distance journey.

Pet transporting companies have experts who will arrange the kennel, box, or crate within the vehicle to make your pet comfortable.

#12: Ready your pet for a journey:

pet walk

Before moving with pets to the new place, we should make sure our pets are ready for the relocation. Now, we are going to share some points that may help you.

  • Take your pet to a regular playing session for at least 30 minutes before your final moving day.
  • Always maintain all the medicines and regular schedules to keep them stress-free.
  • Help your pets to sleep sufficiently before the final moving day.

Before Moving with Pets, please try to spend some hours with them to make them happy and free of anxiety or stress.

#13: Be careful about the weather in the new place:

While moving with the little furry Pets it’s crucial to be careful about the new place’s weather. Weather change has a great effect on both human beings and pets.

● If you are moving with pets to a colder place, please take blankets or other required materials.

● When moving with pets during a warmer weather, you should take sufficient water, dehydration-protecting medicines, and ORS for your pet.

● Even if you have any rainy weather forecast, please take sufficient sanitary cleaning products for your pets.

#14: Don’t forget the GPS tag:

Before putting your pet in the kennel, create any box within the moving vehicle. Please provide a GPS (Global Positioning System)-aided tag with the pet’s belt when moving with pets. It will protect your pet from getting lost in a new area in any unprecedented incident.

#15: Provide ID with contact details:

tags on pet neck

When moving with pets, you may take a proper harness.

Nowadays, we can buy customized belts or harnesses where we can provide the contact number, address or name of the pet owner.

It is a must-do activity while moving with a furry pet. This step is not only helpful during the move but also during roaming in a playground in the new place.

At a glance:

So, these are all guidelines to make your trip memorable while moving with pets. When your furry pet is ready for the move, it will be energized with adventure. To protect these soft pets from weather, journey, or any other hazards, we should follow these road maps. If you are reading and searching for a reliable movers and Packers in Pune, Bangalore or other cities, please visit www.cloudpackers.com


Q1: Is there a pet moving company in Bangalore or Pune?

Yes, Nowadays there are many packers and movers in Bangalore or Pune who have pet-moving wings for you. Cloud packers and movers Is one of them.

Q2: Is moving with a pet a costly aspect?

No, Moving with a pet can be done within budget but it needs prior planning. If you contact a pet moving company they will provide you with a customized budget to move your furry friend comfortably.

Q3: How to prepare your pet for a move?

10 to 15 days before moving moving with pets we should provide more playtime, regular medicines, and entertainment to prepare our pets for moving to the new place.

Q4: Do we need to prepare early to move with pets?

Yes. Planning is the best way to move with pets. With planning we will get sufficient time for everything.

Q5: How to get ideas about packing and moving with pets?

We can follow all the above-mentioned pathways to move with furry pets. To get real-life ideas we can go through vlogs and other social media videos.

Q6: Is it stressful to move with a pet?

Not at all. But you need compact planning, professional pet mover partners and dedication to move with your pets comfortably.

Q7: What is the best pathway to move with pets across the country?

Airlines are the best pathway if we want to move with pets across the states. It’s costly but still comfortable for furry friends. For intercity shifting vehicles or road transportation is the best pathway to move with pets.


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