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Moving abroad! The Smart Decision is to Sell it or Store it.

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When we are moving abroad for a new job with a new home is the beginning of a new journey. Before moving to the new place, we have lots of questions in our mind that should I sell everything or take it or store it anywhere while moving from India to abroad? Hiring packers and movers in Pune to move your goods to abroad is always a time taking process also it will cost a lot.

So, if you are planning to move and wondering what to do with our staff? then we have some ideas which you can also implement while Relocation.

Make a Strategic plan

Moving is a very stressful situation and moving abroad even more painful situation. We have a lot of household goods like furniture, Electronic appliances, crockeries, and many more things with us which are attached to our memories.

Firstly, we make a list of all goods or belonging and arrange it in an organized way so you easily sell or store that item in an organized manner.

You need to list down all the items which you need immediately after moving. For example, we sold off most kitchen utensils but keep some essentials one which you need in next hours. Because it takes little time to buy all necessary household items again.

Declutter your unused items

While moving to a new place it’s not possible to take all belongings. It is always better to identify the items which you can declutter that will save a lot of money and effort while moving to abroad.

These items either you can donate to some needy person or trash them. There are a list of items for that declutter is the only option if you move to another place like UAE or Dubai.


It can be one of the most expensive things you have to pay off if you are planning to take it while moving because of sheer weight and size. Also, It comes with risks while relocating to another country. 

To get new furniture is always a smart decision. You can give a thought to buying new furniture which will be suitable for your new places. 


Moving a vehicle from one place to another is a very hectic job. In most cases shipping your vehicle overseas is nothing but costly, time-consuming. It requires lots of planning and paperwork like import taxes and customs duty. Vehicle registration process from country to country may vary which again needs tons of documentation and process.

Apparel and Accessories

Every new place has its lifestyle. If your apparel is in good condition, sell them to any consignment shop and use that money to get new stuff for yourself. 

If your closet is stuffed out of fashion, why waste time packing and moving. You can donate those clothes to someone. Good work always gives you internal happiness.

Store your important stuff

We have a lot of stuff that we rarely get to use but just won’t get rid of. We have some different bonding attached to it. Things that have been passed down through our elders and loved ones.

Some memories from our childhood or the things that made by our children that have a special place in your heart as well as in your life. You can put those memorable things in your storage. While moving we need to give more attention to these items otherwise once it will go, you will regret the rest of your life.

Refrigerator, washing machine, cupboards, tables, bed and other large items are may take tons of amount moving from India to abroad. We strongly recommended to store these goods, only if you are moving for a short period of time. Find a good warehouse to store household goods. For a long time movement or if you are moving for a life ling sell these goods only take essential goods with you.

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