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18 Things to know before moving to UAE

When we talked about the middle east, the only country that comes to our mind is UAE. The United Arab Emirates, well-known as UAE, is one of the world’s most famous countries for tourist and business hubs. More than 15 million tourists come to UAE every year. Dubai is the most attractive, charming and expensive Emirates of UAE.

UAE holds the world’s most luxurious places and many masterpieces like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Sharjah Arts Museum, etc. UAE has fantastic weather except for three months of summer.

Due to these eco-friendly nature and commercial hubs, many people and businesses are moving toward the UAE. But living in the UAE or any other Emirates of Dubai is not easy as you think. UAE is entirely different compared to other countries. There are so many strict rules and regulations and that will push you into more difficulties in UAE.

If you are willing to move your business or your family to UAE, this is the perfect place to discuss 18 things to know before moving to UAE that can guide you to learn more about the country.

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Things to know before moving to UAE

18 things to know before moving to UAE

Before moving business and family to UAE, there are many things to consider like rules and regulations or other essential info. On this page, we are going to discuss the 18 things to know before moving to UAE.

1.There are Seven Emirates

The UAE comprises Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. An emir rules every emirate and while they are all similar, the various emirates have their unique laws, customs and standards.

2.Big Cities are Abu Dhabi and Dubai

UAE has seven emirates and most of the emirates are pretty well-known and famous all over the world. But Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most famous emirates on the globe. These two are controlling the economy of the UAE. There are many well-known tourist places which are pretty famous all over the world. The whole economy of the UAE depends upon oil and tourist.

3.UAE has very few Citizens

After the globalization and development of the UAE, there are very few people who belong to UAE. Most of the people seen in the UAE are outsiders. People came from other continents to establish their businesses and some came to live a luxurious life.

4.Major Diversity and Culture

In Dubai, you can see many various traditional cultures and also foreign cultures. You can see many traditional cultures, like Tanura dances to henna tattoos, Ramadan, iftar, and more. Due to the living of numerous other continent’s people, you can see a significant diversity in the culture, but people obey and respect the traditional cultures of UAE. Breaking their rules and regulations or tradition is also an important issue, so keep in mind that.

5.The UAE is conservative

Visiting other countries and middle east countries like UAE has a significant difference. The conservative Arabian country UAE follows Islamic laws and regulations and expects visitors to obey their rules. There are many rules like avoiding any public displays of affection, drinking alcohol in public, wearing revealing clothes, etc.

6.Different Guidelines For Women

There are different rules and regulations for women. If you are an open countrywoman, then you need to adjust much activity. As their rules and regulations are stringent, you should follow all their concerns. Otherwise, you may be charged a considerable amount or other punishments.

7.Friday and Saturday are Weekend

Mostly, in western countries, weekends mean Saturday and Sunday, but in UAE, you will see Friday and Saturday as a weekend. As an Islamic holiday, you can see these two days as your holiday. If you are in any job or any business, then you should be aware of these. All shopping malls, parks, commercial shops and tourist places are open during the holiday. So it would be best if you plan your schedule and start working on Sunday.

8.Visa & Job

If you plan to go UAE to search for any job with a tourist visa, it is illegal in UAE. You can only visit UAE with your tourist visa and you cant able join any job.

9.Try to Learn Their Culture

If you are willing to live in the UAE or want to establish any of your business, you should know about their culture and start learning their language. English is a broadly spoken language, but to establish a connection between the locals of UAE, you should learn some words of Arabic.

10.Alcohol can be expensive

While the whole world is running for alcohol, UAE has stringent rules and regulations for alcohol. There are very few emirates that allow yout to buy or drink alcohol. Only Abu Dhabi and Dubai have only permission to sell alcohol, but there are also some guidelines. Other conservative emirates like Sharjah have completely banned alcohol. Only a few licensed hotels and restaurants can only serve liquor, not all the shops.

11.Avoid Drugs and pornographic Stuff

All the Arabic continents are following their Islamic culture. They never promote drugs or pornography in their culture. While traveling UAE never carry any drugs, pornography stuff and other suspicious things. If you are caught with those things, you would be in serious trouble like imprisonment or a huge fine.

12.Don’t wear Bikini

You can’t be allowed to wear a bikini in UAE. While visiting UAE, try to wear and pack many cover clothes. Especially while visiting any beach or religious places, try to wear full cover clothes.

13.Avoid Traveling in Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the big festivals of Islamic countries. Even you will get cheap flight tickets to Dubai, but traveling in Ramadan is not recommended because you will not drink or eat in public places. You can have food only after the completion of the evening prayer. Most restaurants and other entertainment venues are closed at the time of Ramadan.

14.Using VPN Service

As per the UAE Cybercrime laws, no one can use a VPN service. It will fine ragging between 5,00,000 to two million dirhams. Before moving to UAE or visiting UAE, you should know about these laws.

15.Traffic Laws

Specific traffic rules can put you in jail for several days and charge a heavy amount as a fine. No one can drink and drive in UAE and you cant cross traffic without zebra crossing.

16.Non-payment of Bills and Bounced Cheques

Not giving your room rent and other bills is very regular for other countries, but in UAE, pending any bills is a serious crime. You can be arrested for not paying your bills at the time.

17.Your Behavior

When you live or visit UAE, you should be aware that you have to take care of your behavior. Most of the things that are very usual for other countries are unusual and crime in UAE like you can’t play music in loud in your house or any open place.

You cant abuse any people or your friends publicly. Also, you can’t make any sign to communicate with your friends publicly that is normal for other countries.

18.Covid Guidelines

In this current situation, you can’t be able to enter without a vaccination certificate. After entering in UAE, you need to test your Covid again. If you don’t have a Covid certificate of UAE and are traveling in UAE, you have to pay a considerable amount as a fine. Traveling without a mask in UAE is also a crime.

Also Read:

Is it hard to live in Dubai?

Dubai is a luxurious city and includes many commercial hubs. Living in Dubai is not complicated, but it may make little challenging to follow all the rules and regulations.

Is it mandatory to follow all the rules and regulations of the UAE?

UAE is stringent to its laws and makes vast amounts of money only by charging a fine. You can’t break their rules and regulations. If it occurs, you have to pay a significant bill payment or you may be punished by putting yourself in jail.

Can I drink alcohol in Dubai?

Yes, you can drink alcohol but only in some authorized restaurants, but you can’t drink in public places or dive into any vehicle.

Can women wear a bikini on the beach?

Women cant wear any bikinis or small clothes on UAE’s beach.

When is the perfect time to visit UAE?

You can visit anytime in Dubai except for the summer season and Ramadan.

How many emirates are in UAE?

There are seven emirates in UAE. The UAE comprises Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.


In this article, we gave 18 things to know before moving to UAE with your Family. While visiting UAE, we suggest you read all those rules and regulations again to prevent yourself from being punished.

If you are shifting home or offices to UAE, then we can help you. Cloudpackers has been providing packing and moving services all over India for more than five years. Now we avail our services all over the UAE. If you are finding packers and movers in Sharjah or packers and movers in Ajman, we can quickly help you with your relocation process at a reasonable price.



  1. Moving to UAE is one of my long-term dreams, hope one day it will come true. It’s very complicated process and there are so many nuances to consider. Thank you for sharing all these tips!


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