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8 Tips for Packing and Moving Antiques Products

Antiques Products

Are you feeling scared about packing and moving antiques products? We know it’s natural, and these antique artwork and stone products are irreplaceable. This article will give you great ideas if you are thinking about packing and moving antique products.

What are antique products?

Antique products are different furniture and show pieces that are more than 100 years old. We obtain such products on an ancestral basis. So, these antique products are valuable not only economically but also emotionally. Mostly these are sofa sets, mirrors, crystal or metallic tortoises, idols of old goddesses, etc. Excluding those, precious jewelry, stones, and currencies are also antiques products. When moving to a new place, it is crucial to be careful about those.

How to pack and move antique products?

During relocation, packing antique products is a crucial task, and it needs hard work, proper packing material and knowledge to load them. Before going into detail, we are making a checklist to help pack your antiques easily. Before jumping into the packing task, you should collect these things.

● To pack antique products easily nowadays, antique pack frames are trendy, providing extra safety during transportation.

● Stone antique packing requires a box, cushion, air-bubbled wrappers, etc. Every corner needs to be covered by corner wrappers.

● If you are extra protective of your antiques, you may arrange or use climate-protecting warehouses. These are required for stone Artcraft antiques.

These are tiny tips to help you pack antiques. For more exciting points, come to the next part, please!

Step 1:  Make your antique inventory:

While packing the inventories, it is essential to carefully gather all the antiques from the wall or its places. To protect these antiques products from damage, we should keep a long mat or a big tray or bucket to keep antiques within it. The gathering is the first step for packing antique items.

Step 2: Separate antiques according to size and shape:

 Mainly in our houses, there are two types of antiques.

  • Antique showpieces are mainly paintings, stone crafts with sculptures, smaller showpieces like stone tortoises, kuber or other idols, silver or other stone coins, currencies, etc.
  • The second type of antique is heavyweight furniture. This furniture is mainly sofas, tables, large lampstands, etc.

We should separately keep those antiques before packing.

Step 3: Clean your antiques:

Before going to the final part of packing and moving, cleaning is very crucial. It is essential because, without cleaning, dust particles will have adhered to antiques. During transportation, these particles will hamper the shiny surface of antiques.

It’s a point; always use microfiber cloths for cleaning dust. At the same time, don’t use chemicals because these chemicals may hamper the color or surface of antique products.

Step 4: Cover your antiques with Glassine:

After cleaning, we should wrap the show pieces with glassine paper. Now it’s available in online e-commerce platforms and offline shops. This paper has a wax coating on one side, protecting antique products from being smudged and scratched due to friction with other materials. This is important to follow because the smudged surface of an antique will not be smooth, and it will not reflect proper light. As a result, your antique product will lose its glow.

N.B: This is crucial when you pack a painting, a printed antique piece, ceramic material, etc. Due to changes in temperature or other climatic factors, oil colors may leak and be absorbed into the paper surface, and this glassine paper protects the surface from leaking.

Step 5: Collect some antique pack frames:

Nowadays, antique pack frames are handy for moving such products safely from one to other places. These are like bags with external cushioning systems; you may safely use cotton or paper to site small to medium-sized antique products. These antique pack frames may reduce packing hazards. These are available on online shopping platforms like ebay.com etc.

Step 6: Use bubble wrappers:

After going through all these steps, we should remember to cover the antiques with bubble wrappers. Bubble wrappers help reduce the friction between two antiques.

Step 7: Boxing all the antiques:

Now it’s time to put all bubble-wrapped packs within the transportation van. You may set some papers to protect the friction between boxes this time. The compact arrangement of boxes containing antiques in the transportation van is crucial for safe transportation to the new place. In small to medium boxes, different showpieces will be arranged. In large containers, we should put dismantled parts of furniture and others.

Labeling and marking:

Remember to label and mark the boxes to ease unpacking and count while loading those into the transportation van.

How to move with antiques: At a glance

· It is essential to complete the insurance processes to ensure the safe moving of antiques.  

· When moving antique products, don’t take any risks. Transportation vans or logistic dollies are always helpful during moving antiques instead of manual transportation.

· For quick and safe transportation, you may take mailer services. Different mailers like FedEx or Think UPS are the companies that use special ships or airways to ship antique products.  

Cosmic tips: Don’t forget

Be an early bird to start packing antiques. These are sophisticated products, so they need sufficient time and care.

The safety of antiques during moving will be the first priority. Paintings, antique showpieces, and sculptures always require many safety measures. Antiques always need extra packing priorities, safety as well as transportation. It will help if you consider all of these points.

Always use a furniture bag or cushion to protect antiques from scratches, smudges, or other damages.


Antique packing and moving will be accessible when you follow all these steps. It is best to complete antique packing and shift to other corners of the house.

Still, if you are worried about safe packing and moving your antiques, you may get help from professional packers and movers. They have professional skills and organized work power. Just hire them and show them your antique inventory. Everything will be at ease with their systematic approach to packing antiques. Cloud Packers and movers bangalore to Pune is the best packer and movers, where antiques will get the highest priority. Their customer care executives are waiting round the clock to complete your antique packing and moving. It will be the best way to make your soul satisfied.

So, just wake up! Start planning and packing your antiques.



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