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How to Pack Shoes for Travel.

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Packing shoes for traveling is the most challenging task. Still, shoes are very important for traveling. Even in different aspects, you may need different types of shoes. Besides, shoes are of different shapes to pack and arrange in a single or two or three types of boxes. Mostly during traveling, we are required to keep used shoes where it needs smart wrapping. Otherwise, it may hamper other packages.

For men and women, there are different things. Flat heels are required for ladies with grown, high heels with ethnic dresses. For gents, flat loafer shoes for formal shoes, etc.  For these reasons, packing shoes for traveling becomes a great headache. We are here to give you some novel ideas regarding packing shoes. 

Start with high heals or wedges shoes:

These shoes are mostly fancy. So, when we are traveling we always take one pair of these high heels or wedges shoes. Now how can we pack those with a small area in the packing box?

  • Firstly we need to clean pairs of shoes with disinfectants or sanitizers. These will be helpful to pack these shoes in the central portion of the suitcase. It will help reduce the space required for packing and traveling. At the same time, it will not spoil other packages too. 
  • Secondly, in these high heels or wedges shoes, you need to pack the heel pencil area with socks or other small cotton objects. Then you need to place the pair of shoes in a complementary position. Rolling the heels with cotton will help the area for damage or breaking. Between two heels the area will be vacant. You can put some socks or handkerchiefs within this area to cover up.

For boots we will tell you another technique:

  • You should sanitize boots initially and then wrap them with socks or other packaging materials. In these boots, there are different types of ropes. You should pack them in a tied condition. It will be in its shape properly. 
  • You can keep them on the side of your suitcase because most boots have flat kinds of heels if present. 
  • In the gap between two units of the boots, you may put paper or cotton socks. It is important to keep the shoes in shape. Otherwise, the sole of the boot may be dumped or even broken during transportation.

Don’t worry to pack your sneakers:

If you are a sneaker lover, or indirectly lover of nature, adventure, and tracking, we are here to help you. These shoes are of gentle looks and nature. 

In the side pockets of your suitcase, you may put the sneakers with a cover of socks. In this way, different kinds of cotton cloths, and others should be taken to wrap the sneakers. It is the basic aspect to take the sneakers with you. 

Don’t forget to take your flippers:

  • These will be your best friends during your night walk, lounge walking, and other periods. Here you need to cover the flippers with the socks and it is highly crucial to take those. 
  • Flippers are mainly made of flexible polymerase materials. So, these materials can be rolled on. There are fewer scopes of losing the original shape of the shoes. During this period there are requirements for socks and handkerchiefs. 
  • You must put these flippers within the cotton and other washable cloths. 

These are the basic ways to pack different kinds of shoes in the suitcase during traveling. 

But if you are lazy enough to make such things, you follow some other processes where you may need to spend some money.

Here is an very interesting and awesome youtube video by Means To Travel you must watch

Want to do some things smart with your shoes for travel?

Shoe arranger:

In e-commerce platforms, you will find different types of shoe arrangers. Here you may put different types of shoes, flippers, and heels with customized areas. These are sometimes costly but still, those products are here to save your time and effort to pack irregular-shaped shoes. 

Be creative:

Sometimes we need to be creative to solve our issues. During this period, you may need to cut some spongy areas from unused clothing. You may put the shoes within the pocket areas of the clothes. Here you will be aware of your types and number of shoes along with the space available for those. 

The vacant areas should be filled up with socks, clothes, and other soft elements. 

Some tips to remember:

  • During packing the shoes for traveling, you should remember to use some fragrances. 
  • Always put the socks in the suitcase after cleaning it. 
  • Some naphthalene balls can be helpful in this period to protect the shoes from ramified smells. Secondly, due to humidity, some dust, and sweat, these suitcases may be attacked with dents. But the presence of naphthalene can help in protecting the suitcase from odors. 

Just follow these steps and implement those during the packing of shoes. It will be helpful for you as well as your family. The more you will be creative and systematic in packing your shoes, you may enjoy more space within your suitcase. 

Be adhered to these guidelines and enjoy a happy journey.



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