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How to Prepare and Pack Live Plants for Shipping.

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We, human beings, are social creatures. We live in a house with our parents, partners, pets and with some green-mates. For new jobs, personal aspects or others we are required to move to many cities, different states, even countries. In these times when we decide to move, plants and furry pets become the topmost priority to move without harm or injury. Packing Kitchen utensils, gym instruments, and electronic gadgets can be done within boxes, and bubble wrappers. But to pack and shift live plants from the old to the new destination, you need to point out a lot of things where internet search will be the best way out. Now we are sharing some tips which will help ship live plants to your new destination. 

Learn about the climate of a new place:

Before thinking about shipping live plants to new place, make thorough research on the weather and climatic information. If you are shifting to a tropical place the temperature will be high. Shifting plants to an opposite environment can make your plants hassled to live. In such conditions, you may distribute your living plants to neighbors or friends. Shifting is a long and expensive process sometime it is better to donate your giveaway goods instant of moving it to your new location.

If weather conditions remain mostly the same there you may think about shipping live plants with various kinds of protective measures. These protective measures are very important if you want to take the movers and packers service also. Before handing over the plants to the packers and movers services, you need to follow these steps. Now we are going to tell you about those steps. 

Try to water systematically:

If you finally decide to shift with your live plants, then start watering them less before shipping. If the soil is wet then it may be ecstatic to pack the box with an aeration system. So, habituate your live plants to the sunlight and natural weather.  Always remember that during packing a tree just pack its stem and root portion but try to make leaves free for their natural physiological aspects. If you pack leaves, they may turn yellow due to chlorosis (lack of chlorophyll generation).

Cautious about your pots:

Before the shipping process starts, just be cautious of the pots of the plants. It is a mandate to transfer all the plants to plastic pots. You may use some plastic trays with holes for sufficient water and air. In the tray, you can make a plant bed. Here plants will be happy and you may use a large space within the tray. Clay pots for plantation may break during transportation. So, to avoid these issues you may need to use plastic materials during shipping live plants. 

Check the national or international regulations:

Before starting shipping-related preparation with your live plants, you should be cautious of national and international rules for shipping some plants or their seeds. There are quarantine rules or the prohibition on taking some plants through airways or transportation to some states. These plant seeds may create asthma, nausea, or others. So, before packing live plants, check the rules on the internet. For a thorough understanding, you may ask about those on social media. 

Gather knowledge about the nature of plants:

Before packing plants and shipping them to the new destination you need to spend some nights searching for your live plants. On the internet, you should gather information about the nature of the plant like succulent, deciduous, heat-sensitive, topical, etc. If your live plants are heat-sensitive and sufficiently strong only then try to shift them. For succulent trees, you need to use wax-based material to protect against water or vapor leakage. It may spoil other package boxes. 

Special packing for plants:

If you are a real nature lover, you should use special packing for your plants. There are special corrugated boxes available in offline shops or online platforms such as Amazon, and Flipkart. In this aspect, you should ready your plants with root bases but without pots. During these periods, the nutritious spray is used for helping plants to get natural minerals during transportation. These boxes are available with different partitions. Here you can ship many plants at a time in a small area. It’s the basic system where you can safely transport or ship many plants in a small case without interruption. Even in this system, your other materials become safe from being spoiled with clay and others. 

These are basic steps that you should follow during shipping your plants. Many of your friends will suggest you leave your old plant friends in the old soil. Still, if you decide to start a new life with these live plants you should follow these steps for taking them without any damage. After shipping, unpack these boxes quickly. Just after that day, you should transfer them to clay and water them sufficiently. 

Just care for them like your baby and feed them timely with pesticides, vitamins, minerals, water, and sufficient air and sunlight. Live and let live. Care for them and enjoy your new life with soil fragrance of your live plants.



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