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How to pack utensils for moving?

During the move from a house to a new destination, kitchenware packing is the hardest nut to crack. The most challenging aspect of this kitchen packing is to pack almost all utensils, gadgets, and others after keeping some of those for the last dinner in that house. In the kitchen, you will find the best diversity among the size and shapes of your belonging. For different utensils or gadgets, you will require different packing boxes. You can pack all of the kitchen wires 3 or 4 days before the final shifting day. Moreover, the kitchen is the place where we keep many utensils of emotions, like starting the first day of marital or bachelor life after getting a job. We can’t leave those things as memories of starting a special path in life. 

Now we are going to tell you some pathways to make some smart steps during packing your kitchen utensils for moving to a new destination. 

items of utensils

Separate your last day requirements:

  • In the initial moment of your kitchen wire packing, just plan the last day’s dinner menu before final shifting. Here you should separate different utensils for cooking and eating dinner. 
  • In this separation phase, you may separate fragile glass materials and liquid bottles. 
  • After separating these remaining utensils you can separate them according to their size and shape.
  • Initially, you need to take small, medium, and large boxes of both squares, rectangular, and circular-shaped packing materials. You can buy those from online platforms or local grocery shops. 
  • Among these boxes, you may arrange your kitchen utensils according to size. 

Please remember; always keep fragile materials in separate boxes. In these boxes please make remarks on fragile. During loading all packing boxes on the vehicle you may put these boxes on the top to avoid transportation frictions. In such friction, these fragile materials may be damaged. 

Keep all the electrical gadgets in the kitchen for a complete day. These electrical gadgets of the kitchen are of extensive use such as griller, microwave oven, toaster, dishwasher, and others. Even these gadgets are used every day. As a result, these should be packed and taken with special care. 

Try some DIY & give your creativity a scope to be flourished:

  • If you are creative enough, you may get some fun packing your kitchen utensils. On the internet, you will get different ideas about packing.
  • Instead of purchasing packing boxes and other tape materials, you may use old cloths and plywood’s to create different-sized boxes in a customized manner.
  • Pantyhose cloths can be sewn in different manners to create cushions of fragile materials. Creativity will be helpful to remove the sorrow of nostalgia.
  • You may research on YouTube, and different internet sites to gather different ideas.

Share and care:

While packing the utensils and bowls, just keep an eye on the cobwebbed sink, you will find the unused utensils. In the cupboard, you will find many jars having spices from many days ago. These are of no such use in new places. Always try to be cruel during leaving these unused perishable products. You may contact nearby shelters or cheap crockeries to sell or donate those. Nowadays there are many other systems such as Olx.com and others where you may upload pictures of your unused bowls, utensils, and others. You may sell them at low prices or donate those. In this way you will be able to lessen your weight, packing costs as well as transportation costs at a stretch. 

Ensure the safe packing of liquids:

  • Before shifting, be sure of unsealed alcohol bottles or wine bottles. Some other liquids are also present in the kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. These are different sauces, vinegar, oils like coconut, mustard, olive, ethanol, and others. 
  • During this time, you should try to use those things in such a manner that bottles become empty before shifting. If you have some premium wine bottles which can’t be vacated in a hurry, you should inform your packers and movers to serve a special heat-sensitive and bump-proof packing system for you. 
  • For your sauce and other liquids, you may use two to three rounds of adhesive tapes for protecting those from damage and leakage. If liquids are leaked they may spoil other packages. 

Start packing electronic gadgets:

  • Initially, you should disconnect all the electrical connections from the electronic gadgets. These gadgets will be cool in this period.
  • After the cooling period, you should detach all the electric wires from the gadgets. In this stage, you should put all the electric wires within the ziplock bags with numbers and marking. Putting numbers and markings will help make those connected properly after shipping. It is the best system for finding those wires without spending time and effort. 
  • In this period you should pack the electric gadgets with plastic wrappers. A bubble wrapper is the best option to cover up and pack to upload in the transport vehicle. If some gadgets need dismantling, like the dishwasher, you should follow the manual. Initially, you should find out the manual and warranty cards, purchasing receipts, and others because these are important in this shifting process. 
  • Why are warranty and purchasing bills important for electronic gadgets?: Without these documents (hard or softcopy) you will not be able to claim any kind of damage from the insurance. After moving if you are finding any kind of damage, or scratch on your kitchen wires, you need to claim the money. If the repair cost becomes higher or equal to the purchasing bills, you may get money to purchase a new one. So, during shifting, you should keep all of these documents in a folder or file. 

Don’t pack flammables and chargeable:

Before packing just remember that, you should not take any types of flammable products. It may include burning gas, fuels, coals, kerosene, or other flammable liquids. In the kitchen, we use many small instruments which are chargeable. It includes a hand blender, shaker, and others. These chargeable and flammable products may reach the burning point due to transportation jumping, friction, or others. Sometimes, these products lit up due to their placement near the car battery. It may incur accidents. 

Some important tips to pack your utensils:

During doing all of these steps you should spray sanitizer and clean them properly. After cleaning and sanitization when you pack those, after shipping you can use those just after unpacking. 

Don’t make any experiments regarding flammable chargeable products and perishables. Please follow these above-mentioned instructions. 

Still, if you are confused about purchasing packing materials, boxes, covers, their shapes, and amounts, you may buy the kitchen shipping kits from nearby grocery or essential stores. These are nowadays available on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. 

You should pack the last day’s dinner or lunch utensils and other kitchen belongings in a separate box, with a mark of essentiality. This separate box will be helpful for you to unpack and you can use those for lunch and dinner just after moving to the new destination. Otherwise, you may need to pack all of the boxes to collect the utensils for taking food. Otherwise, you may keep some disposables for this purpose to complete the last-day dinner in the old house and the first lunch or dinner in the new destination. It will help save both your time and money because this time you will be a bit busy. 

With these disposables or kitchen utensils, you may keep some ready-to-eat noodles, tea or coffee-making sachets, sugar milk, electric kettles, some spices, salt, and others in a handy bag. These should be marked as Day-1 essentials. In this way, before starting the unpacking process, you may enjoy sips of hot coffee in your new place without any stress and hassle. 

All of these tips are explored in trial and error methods. If you are exploring some new steps please let us know along with your failures. Your failure reasons may help other movers to avoid those steps. If you are still worried, find out the nearest packers and movers and enjoy the planning of moving to the new place with your old kitchen, fragrances of spices with a garland of memories. 

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