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11 Tips : How to Pack Furniture for Moving

Hi there, welcome to another informative blog where we discuss how to pack furniture for shifting tips and tricks. Moving to a new place is always exciting and also overwhelmed. The essential and hectic job in moving is packing your household and loading it into the vehicle. 

As human beings, we are often attached to our belongings. Due to a lack of proper knowledge, we made some mistakes while packing our furniture, and as a result, we received broken furniture. 

If you are reading this, you must be trying to relocate your household or furniture to a new location. And now you are trying to pack your furniture to provide extra security and protection. Don’t worry; we made a proper guide for you where we will explain this particular query of furniture packing tips and tricks for shifting in-depth. 

This article will teach you about complete furniture packing to shift to your destination. As a packing and moving company, we have already shifted more than 20,000+ households in India. And through our own experience, we made this informative article about furniture packing and shifting. 

Let’s dive into the topic, 

If you look thoroughly at a house, you will find out that the most expensive item in your house is your furniture. And while moving those expensive items to a different location, you need to pack them properly to avoid any damage or scratches. 

There is a shortcut way to move your furniture without hustling by hiring a packers and movers company. Those companies will come to your house to pack your households and relocate. In this way, you can reduce your risk by about 95%. 

On the other hand, you can also move your furniture yourself without taking any help from the packers and movers. If you are going to relocate your furniture yourself and want to pack them properly, then follow these methods. (This is a universal packing method of furniture that each packer and mover’s professional uses nowadays)

Prepare a Furniture Checklist

first step is Prepare a Furniture Checklist

Before diving into the packing of your furniture, you need to create a checklist of your furniture. It will take 30min or 1 hour you have to finish this. In the checklist, you must add each of the furniture available in your home. 

Gather all of your furniture

Gather all of your furniture

First of all, you need to gather all of your furniture to speed up your packing and moving procedure. Make a complete list of list of your household and divide it into their properties, weight, height, and size. This way, you will have the right data on your goods that will help you buy packaging materials according to your requirement. 

Check Each Furniture Carefully

third step Check Each Furniture Carefully

This is an effective way to keep safe your furniture safe. Most of the time, people pack their precious households for movement, and in the busyness, they just ignore to check the condition of the goods. There is a higher chance that termite or any other reason damages your furniture. And people often move to those blemished households. As a result, they will see broken furniture after relocation. 

Repair Your Broken Furniture before Movement

fourth step Repair Your Broken Furniture before Movement

After being concerned about your broken furniture, you have to take action regarding fixing it. Moving contains too many shocks due to bumpy roads. And there is a higher chance that your households may be broken at the time of relocation. To keep your furniture safe, you must repair your broken items before packing. 

Buy Packing Materials

fifth step Buy Packing Materials

After gathering all of your furniture, you have to purchase some packing materials by visiting your local market. You have to invest some amount to save your household. After getting an overview of your furniture, you can buy those materials. Here are some of the most helpful packing materials you need before shifting.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Waterproof laminations
  • Cargo Sheets
  • Stretch wrap 
  • Marker

Prepare Your Furniture for Packing

sixth step Prepare Your Furniture for Packing

After buying all those necessary packing materials, you need to prepare your furniture for packing. In the process of preparing, you have to wash and clean all of your furniture as per their requirement. Cleaning your goods before packing is an intelligent choice. Most of the time, dust and other filth can be attached after applying packaging materials that have some glue. It will be too hard to clean those dust from your furniture, and often those dust can remove your colors from the furniture.

Take Photos of Your Each Furniture

seventh step Take Photos of Your Each Furniture

To be a pro-level furniture packer, you need to capture photos. Always try to capture pictures from different angles that will help you in your future home while organizing your furniture.

Dismantle all of your Furniture 

eighth step Dismantle all of your Furniture 

Dismantle all of your moving furniture before packing that can help you in your packing and loading into the vehicle. There are various pieces of furniture like chairs, beds, sofas, etc., that can be easily dismantled. After dismantling, you can easily add packing materials and move them to your vehicle. And don’t forget to take photos of each piece of furniture before dismantling; otherwise you may be hassle during assembling again at your destination. 

There are some furniture that comes with the user manual, like some sofas, chairs, dining table, etc., you can follow them to dismantle. And always place those dismantled parts organized so that they will be accessible to searchable. 

Start Packing Your Furniture 

ninth step Start Packing Your Furniture 

After dismantling, start packing each part of the furniture. One thing to remember is to always try to fill from one piece of furniture to another. It will save your time and manage your work to be organized. 

You have to give extra effort and packing materials to your sensitive items while packing, like an aquarium, glass table, dining table, etc. Always use some foam or old newspaper to fill the gap in the furniture. And after the completion of packing, use a marker to give a mark that can be easily noticeable after shifting. 

And, for fragile items and other sensitive items, use bubble wrap as much as possible. And try to use their pre-made boxes if available to shift.

Special Packaging For your Fragile Items 

tenth step Special Packaging For your Fragile Items 

When it comes to packing your fragile items like an aquarium, T table, dressing table, etc., you have to give your extra care and packaging materials. You must wrap plenty of packing materials like bubble wrap, foam, tape, etc. And we suggest you not move your aquarium while shifting to a new location. 

Load Carefully Your Furniture in Vehicle

eleventh step Load Carefully Your Furniture in Vehicle

After completion of your packing, you can load your furniture into the vehicle. But there is some key point to keep in mind, like always loading your heavy items below close to the surface of the vehicle. And after that, you can load your other items. Always try to load heavy items first part of the vehicle. 

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