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Best 6 Tips Keep in Mind Before One Day of Moving

Moving to a new city creates a lot of chaos for anyone, be it a family or a bachelor. If you have ever experienced moving out of your old house or city for a new job or studies, you would know how difficult it gets. However, it feels difficult only if it is not done the right way, that is when a professional moving company is not hired.

While there are a lot of things to take care of while moving out, some things are needed to be avoided. Everyone is going to tell you what and how of packing and moving but you might not get suggestions on what not to do. But do not worry! Here is a whole guide for you on what to avoid on your moving day. So, let’s dig in.

Follow our moving day tips for advice on how to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Avoid The Fake And Fraud

The most important thing to avoid before you execute your packing and moving process is fake and fraud packers and movers. You would find numerous moving companies out there claiming their authenticity and wellness in the task, choosing the right company is what you need to do. To find reliable packers and movers, you need to start a little early.

Do your research before you actually talk to a moving company in Bangalore, and other big cities of India. Asking about them to your friends or visiting them online would work great. Try finding the services they provide and search for the reviews and feedback on their website. Your research will help you make a firm and informed decision for your moving day.

2. Letting Your Valuables Be Packed By The Company

Any of your valuables like documents, ID proofs, or cards are something you are supposed to keep in your bag. So, it is important to keep in mind that you pack these valuables before the movers come in. It may become a problem if these valuables get packed with other items by the movers.

Your valuables can be documents like ID proofs, birth certificates, other legal papers, or prescriptions. Cash, stocks, jewelry, or items that have sentimental importance in your life can also be considered as your valuables. It can be anything that you can’t replace with money. It is better to pack these valuables in your luggage before the movers come in or put them aside in a corner where the movers can’t reach out.

3. Improper Labelling Of Boxes

NIFT Chennai girls hostel, taramani proper packing and labeling by cloud packers

Even the best relocation services in Pune might not be able to label your boxes correctly if you do not pay attention. After all, they are just packers and movers, it is you who knows everything about the house. On a moving day, it is quite important to be active and attentive with the packers.

Keep an eye on the items they are packing and re-check the boxes before labeling them. Labeling your boxes properly will help you a lot while unpacking. It will help you avoid a lot of mess and chaos at the new place.

4. Disconnecting or Disassembling Tools and Appliances On The Moving Day

If you are planning on taking your electric appliances or any other complex tools with you, there are a few things you need to plan. The most important thing to do is have an electrician or plumber lined up with you to help you disassemble or disconnect the appliances with ease.

Your movers are experts at packing and shifting items, not disassembling them. So, make sure you do it before the movers come in.

5. Scheduling Cleaning and Moving Together

More often than not, people schedule cleaning and moving in their together. It seems like a great, simple, and quick idea to execute. Well, here is the truth, it is the worst. With both the tasks being done together, neither of them would be done perfectly. So, it is better to call in your cleaners after the moving process.

A major reason why movers won’t be comfortable doing their task with cleaners is this- they would want to balance the shipment weight in the truck and for this, the movers are going to pick random items from your house to pack. Moreover, movers would need space to pack and shift your furniture, space would not be available to them with cleaners working in your house.

You can call in your cleaners before or after your movers. However, due to obvious reasons, calling in the cleaners after the moving is done would work the best.

6. Missing The Final Walk-through

A few items are always found left behind in the house after the movers have completed their tasks. To avoid missing anything, you must take a final tour of the house, In case of movers leave something behind. Make sure that there’s nothing left in the unseen corners of your house like the basement, patio, or crawl spaces.

Ready For Your Moving Day?

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