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Safety Tips and Measures to Shift During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Save these tips to move safely in INdia during this covid-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed everything in our lives. But, it has been more than six months now, and we must continue living our lives, with proper precautions. Shifting homes to a different city is a cause of stress during this critical situation, even more, if we have babies or senior citizens in the family. So, the best decision will be to stay where you are till the scientists come up with a vaccine. If you must shift, you need to understand the possible risks before hiring packers and movers From Mumbai to Delhi.


Whether you stay indoors or go to work or shift to a new neighborhood, every citizen must abide by the precautionary guidelines stated by the World Health Organization. Right from speaking to people from a distance to sanitizing Homes and hands at frequent intervals, you must take all the measures while relocating. 


Here are some safety steps you must know for a safe movement during the outbreak of a global pandemic:

1.    Shift to a safe zone- The first thing that you need to ensure is whether the new neighborhood is safe or not. If it is a containment zone or located close to a containment zone, the health risk increases in such a locality. So, research these matters and move to a safer area. Once you are sure, you’ll quickly get Good packers and movers in Mumbai near to your area.  In that case, you can entirely rely on CloudPackers.com as customer’s safety is their priority.


2.    Go digital- Instead of taking a house tour, it would be better if you rely on pictures and videos to select your new home. Staying homebound is a must to stop the transmission of the virus. So, try completing all procedures and paper works digitally. You do not have to go to the bank as presently, multiple digital modes of payment are available, and we all can access them easily. CloudPackers.com receives online payment too.


3.    Practice social distancing- Always maintain at least six feet of distance with the packers while loading, moving, and unloading items. Wear gloves, face shields, and masks throughout the process. Keep the doors and windows open to allow proper ventilation and request the packers to keep their masks. Cloud Packers, one of the best packers and movers Mumbai to Noidatakes all these safety measures.


4.    Disinfect and deep clean thoroughly- Disinfect and deep clean all belongings and furniture before you pack them. Also, don’t forget to disinfect every corner of the new home before unpacking your stuff. Dispose of cardboard, plastics, and other packing materials in a secluded area away from human contact. You can leave them on the terrace for three days to kill the germs. 


5.    Hire proficient movers and packers- You cannot hire any packers and movers Near you without making sure they are taking all necessary safety measures at the current time demands. So, ask the agency how they ensure their workers’ and clients’ safety in this challenging time. Cloud Packers send you a small team of trained packers instead of a big team of incompetent workers, after testing their temperatures. 


Unless it is essential and unavoidable in the current situation, moving to a different place shouldn’t be considered or encouraged. Follow the safety tips mentioned above to ensure the good health of your family members. Instead of hiring incompetent and irresponsible Movers and Packers in Mumbaiit is better to hire professionals only to reduce the interaction with outsiders. Experienced movers and packers know how to relocate safely in a stress-free manner despite the rapid spread of the virus.

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