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How to Save Money for Travel During Corona Virus.

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Coronavirus has affected everything from the economy to tourism health to the security of almost all countries of the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the travelling and packing moving across the world. Travel during Corona Virus, across the countries, have either stopped or partially restored recently. Moreover, travelling during Covid-19 is the riskiest and costly. If, you are planning to travel, either for a long journey outside the country or within the country. You must keep these timings in mind to save more money from your travelling in this Covid-19 crisis. Here is the best money saving ideas for you.

Since summers are the most peak period for tourists and for airlines who want to gain more customers during this time. You should book a flight to travel outside the country in the winter period as just the same apply to clothes because winter clothes are cheaper in summer so summer clothes and same apply for travel. Moreover, since the Covid-19 Pandemic few people are travelling these days if you book a flight at the earliest it will be cheaper as compared to later. Enter your destinations in Google Flights and Hooper App in order to get alerts, when fares for your destination drop. , tickets at the last moment are very costlier as compared to the tickets booked at the start of the season.

2. Avoid outside food during travelling

While travelling in this pandemic it is recommended to avoid it unless touch and outside food is not recommended. In this pandemic you may not get outside foods during travel if you get also the price should be higher than usual and not safe. Prepare a plan with days of travels and prepared your food to avoid outside food. If you have a vaccination plan then work on that and if possible avoid that.

3. Savings on hotels and stays

Travel during Corona Virus time is risky so avoid maximum hotel stay during this pandemic this can save money and save you from the coronavirus. Plan in such a way that you don’t need a stay during any emergency travel. In the time of lockdown all most of the hotels and Oyo rooms are closed and if you are travelling in these of lockdown adding camp may benefit you. If you are moving your household goods during this pandemic then you may need a hotel stay or else try to avoid stay at any cost.

4. Research for your destinations

This is true you need to do a small piece of research in order to know which country is less expensive you can Google it or use certain online websites like makemytrip.com to check how expensive these countries are now. After doing little research you will get the answer for your destination meanwhile countries like the US, Iceland, and Bulgaria has put a ban on visitors from certain countries. So in order to save your money during Coronavirus, you have to check it out. Some countries of Europe require a negative Covid-19 test before and after you leave them. Some countries like Cambodia want you to deposit $2000 expenses in case of any covid-19 medical emergency during your stay while others countries like Alabama, Turkey, Costa Rica, and Mexico are open for all.

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