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Simple Vastu Tips to Practice in your New Home.

Vastu Ideas for Home

Vastu Shastra deals with the flowing of positive energy, filtering the negative energy, and releasing your House’s negative energies. Many people who move to other cities because of job purposes, academic reasons, etc., are always confused about practicing Vastu in their new home.

When you hear Vastu, you think it will take a lot of money to practice it. But this is a complete hoax. Vastu Shastra can be practiced with just simple things. Maybe you can find these things in your home only. 

Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui can be practiced in different ways for various purposes. You can increase your academic growth or financial growth or both at the same time with Vastu. But if you think that after applying these Vastu tricks, it will immediately show you their effects, then it is not true.

It will take some days to adjust the flow of positive energy in your house. Also, you have to believe in these methods. Because, according to Vastu, the complete universe lies in the body of a human being. Your home is like a temple, where that energy lies. If you are hiring a packers and movers near you to move your household goods and entering to a new house then blow tips for buying or renting a house.


Some Basic tips that you must follow while buying or renting your new House:

●     Never move into a house where the kitchen is built in the North direction. Generally, it should be placed in the South-east Direction of the House.

●     The bedroom must be in the Southwest direction.

●     While looking for a house, the toilets in the House must be built in the West or northwest direction of the House. No other direction will work for it.


The above given are basic and simple tips that you should remember before moving into a new house. Now we will discuss some tricks and tips that you can follow after moving into a house. These tricks are very easy to follow, and anyone can practice them.


1. First and Foremost, keep your house clean and tidy. Keeping the house clean will ensure a complete flow of positive energy and will attract prosperity and wealth.

2. Never hang mirrors on any south wall of your house. And also, position the mirror in the bedroom so that it should not reflect the bed and the person sleeping on it.

3. Hang mirrors near the dining tables and in front of your cash lockers. It says that it will attract more grain and money. 

4. Never leave your Dining table empty. Put some fruits on it, and it will attract prosperity and good luck in your House.

5. Never keep any water feature or aquarium in your room. Always place them in the northeast direction of the House. And remember, if you own an aquarium, then it should remain clean. Otherwise, it will block the positive energy outside and negative energy inside your house.

6. Hang the wall clocks on either the north or the east wales of the room. It is said that this trick will never bring bad possibilities in your life. Moreover, if your wall clock has stopped working, immediately replace the batteries and, if needed, then change the clock.

7. Put bright colors on your walls. Dark colors will attract more negative energy. You can put dark things in your house freely. 

8. Place your workstation or study table in the east or north direction. When you’re working or studying, your face should be facing the north or east direction.

9. Also, place a well-lit study lamp in the South-East direction of the study table. It will empower concentration while working or studying.

10. Change or fix any leaking faucets in your house.

11. Place a Tulsi plant in the north-east direction of the House, it will filter all the negative energy in your house and convert it into positive energy.

13. If you love plants in your house, you must remember that you must not keep any cacti in the House. It is believed that the cactus symbolizes slow growth.

14. If the bathroom and the kitchen are opposite each other, then keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible.

15. Grease the door hinges periodically. They should not make any voices while opening and closing them. It attracts bad luck.

16. If you want to buy paintings, then add paintings that depict good scenes. Never place the painting on the walls that depict sad reality or any sad moments.

17. For good health, drink water while facing the north or east. It will keep your health good.

18. The home entrance should always be well lit; add a lamp near the door. Also, try to grow some citrus fruits near the door. It will attract more money into your home. If you are unable to grow one, then the artificial ones will also work.

19. Place the shoe rack inside the House, instead of placing it outside the door.

20. To decrease the House’s negativity, light diyas or incense sticks in the House contain essential oils every day in the morning and evening.

21. Ensure that your bed is placed in the southwest corner of the room. And the bed must contain only a single mattress (ideal for couples).



These Vastu tips will help you in enriching the following benefits:

●     Maintaining good physical growth

●     Maintaining good mental growth

●     Increasing academic growth of students

●     Maintaining career stability

●     Improvising your family relationships

●     And the most important is increasing prosperity and financial growth

With the tips mentioned above, you can practice Vastu in any home, whether you planned it on your own or not. These tips will help you increase the flow of positive energy in your house and decrease the flow of negative energy.

Moreover, you will see amazing growth in prosperity and finances after practicing the above trips appropriately.

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