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Get to Know the Valuable Tips for Car Transportation before Shipping.

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Do you have to make a move from your present city to another location for a job or other purpose? Then it is easy to make the move with established relocation companies such as cloudpackers.com. But if you have to move your car to another State (long distance), it is advisable to seek the services of our company. The reason, we are also known for transporting vehicles safely to another destination. Please note, we do not drive your expensive car along the road, but transport it via a large container or auto-hauler. We have a large number of vehicles to transport various categories of goods to domestic location, Interstate cities or International destinations. But there are some important tasks you need to do as a car owner before it is checked to our container truck. You must prepare the vehicle for transportation. Please find valuable tips you need to do before car transportation.

Wash the Car

car wash before shifting

Was it the previous week, you washed the vehicle? Then dust and dirt will be present on the car’s exterior. The dents, dings will remain hidden. So, before shipping, take care to wash the vehicle properly. This will help you take notice of any previous damages that have happened. On our part, we will take precaution to deliver the car in safe condition.

Our supervisor, before loading the vehicle on the specific truck will take note of the condition of your car. He will ask you to sign the vehicle condition report.

Interior of Car

The car trailer is a long vehicle and during the move, there are umpteen chances the car may move a little inside. This may cause the inside items present in the car to move around and fall. So, please keep the interiors of the car clean. Please do not forget to remove your electronic cables, chargers, air fresheners, portable DVD players, phone holders, pens, spare changes and other items.


Car alarms are meant for other purposes. Ensure you make our driver’s journey comfortable by disabling the alarm.


Do not forget the fact, that your car is getting transported to the new location. Our driver is not going to take the car by road. So, there is no reason for filling the petrol tank/diesel tank or other. If you have a filled tank, then your car will get heavy. Do not forget to leave little fuel in the car before loading the car in our transportation truck.


It is mandatory to check your car completely for any leaks. In case of a leak, our Pune packers and movers team will refuse service. Other companies will advise to first have the leak fixed. Oil dripping in the vehicle during the process can put the driver and the transportation vehicle in a dangerous situation.

Another unfortunate event can happen. Usually, we do not transport only one car in the trailer. If your car is leaking, and if it is located on the top most part of the trailer, the leakage will fall immediately on the other cars.

Tire Pressure

tyre pressure during car relocation

An over-inflated tire or under-inflated tire can cause problems during loading or unloading process. So, it is better to check the tire pressure and keep it at perfect levels.

Remove Accessories

Have you added extra bumpers to your car? Have you also added other accessories? Then kindly remove them. The reason, they can get damaged during the move.

Can you remove the antenna? Please do. It is also advisable to move the side mirrors at a safe position. Also check for luggage tracks, removable bumpers and skis. If needed, you can safeguard the external mirrors or other parts of your car with bubble wrap or other sheets. If you have special requirements, our packers and movers team can always provide the required assistance during car transportation services.

Lock Your Car

After your car gets loaded on the truck, there is no reason for the doors to be opened. You can make them open after the delivery. There are chances, the keys may get lost even for a normal car. Ensure to keep a spare one handy.

Anti-freeze Mode in the Radiator

Ensure to set the mode as per the weather conditions. Or else, some parts of your car may get damaged during the process.

Battery-The battery should remain charged to the maximum level.

Old Model Cars

Do you have a vintage car for transport? Then, there are chances the keys may be different for different doors. There will be a door lock key, ignition key and more. Ensure you give them safe.

Loose Parts

If you feel that some parts of your car have come loose, ensure you make them secure by yourself or give the task to a car mechanic.

Other Problems – Kindly ensure the car is in perfect running condition. If there is an engine or other problem, do not forget to take it to the mechanic. If your car is not in good working condition, please inform our car transportation supervisor. He will ensure other methods are used to load the car or bike on the trailer.

Insurance Services – Kindly check the dates of your car insurance. Have you paid the dues? In case of any damage, you can submit a claim.

Why should You Choose Cloudpackers for Car Transportation Services?

Choose cloud packers and Movers

Professionalism – Our drivers possess the necessary documents & skills to move your vehicle across domestic and Interstate moves. They are trained to handle any challenges such as dirty roads and unfavourable weather conditions.

Service – Your vehicle will reach the destination as per the schedule. You can get the answers in case of any doubts by calling the customer care number.

At the same time, please do retain the emergency kits, spare tires, hand tools, jack, license plate and more. Please do not remove the license plate.

Car Transportation – Step by Step

Our driver will pick the car from your desired location. You will get a call from the driver that he is en-route to your destination. You need to be present at the venue during loading the car on the trailer. Our driver will then take pictures of your vehicle before it gets transported on the truck. The photos are taken from different angles. If there are any scratches or dents on the exterior surface of the car, they will get recorded in the images. He will also take the photo of the odometer. This is for keeping a record. We even welcome you to perform the perfect visual inspection, take photos of the car and the odometer for keeping a record. Upon location of dents and scratches, capture them with your mobile camera. Ensure the photos properly capture the dents and scratches.

We request you to take the condition of the vehicle to consideration (dents, scratches) before signing the vehicle condition report.

We request you to kindly read the points and then take the call. Then your favourite car will get loaded on the trailer and move towards the location. You are always welcome to share your doubts with our driver and get them clarified.


We request your presence once again at the new location to take the car delivery. With Cloudpackers, you need not worry as there will be no damages to the vehicle.

Your Needs

Do you want your car to be delivered within a specific time frame? Are you going to gift the same car as a birthday present? Do you want the car to be delivered to only a specific location? Please do not forget to mention your needs. Then our supervisor can make the necessary arrangements.


Our packers and movers team have already made a name in home shifting services, office shifting service, luggage relocation and bike transportation. In recent times, we are also known as a reliable car transportation service provider in India. The reason, our team takes undue car in transporting the vehicle to the said location with the best safety measures. Please note, we service a regular clientele including the likes of small to large organizations in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore when it comes to car transportation.  You have found the best company for your car transportation to any place in India. Book Your Car Shifting Service Now.

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