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Can we move house on Sunday? Astrology Guide

Moving from an old house to a new destination is a great house, there is no doubt. Still, you may avoid or lessen it through the implementation of tactics. Many of us are thinking that on holidays like Sunday we may move house to gain a smooth experience due to low traffic. Still, you should know many other pros and cons related to moving house on Sunday. Now here are the facts which you should consider before deciding to move house on Sunday. 

You can easily move your house on Sunday, there are some beliefs that Sunday is a great day for movement. But before relocating goods keep in mind that you should avoid your shifting Sunday during the new moon, full moon and sankranti. 

Can we move house on Sunday

Consider traffic management:

  • If you are thinking that on Sunday you will be able to escape the traffic, it’s partially true from your perspective. 
  • Sometimes on Sunday, there are political meetings, road repairing agendas, and many other tasks which are not possible to perform on busy weekdays. 
  • In such cases, you may require a detour to reach your destination. 
  • You may experience some u-turns or road blockages on the way to reach your destination. 
  • In this period, if you are planning to move on Sunday, you should consult the local people before you move. Nowadays on the internet, Google you can find the traffic situation before moving on.
  • But please note, that moving on Sunday may be hassle-free but it can’t be pocket friendly. If you need any type of assistance like car repairing agents, laborers, or others, you need to pay extra charges as it’s Sunday. 
  • If you experience any medical emergency on the way, medical facilities will be scarce also.  

Remember astrological aspects:

Before moving and entering a new place, considering Vastu is a great Indian culture. Here we need to consult with an astrologer or some astrology books. People do not move to a new place on the full moon and new moon. Excluding those days, there are many other points of stars and numeric on which people do not keep their foot on the new destination. This is a very ancestral ritual. So, before finalizing the moving date, please check the Sunday with your astrologer. 

Check your kids’ schedule:

If you are a family person having kids, then Sunday can be the best choice. On this day, there will be no class or tuition for your children. The school will be closed too. In this period you may complete the migration process. Moving to a new place is not always a happy experience for kids. Due to moving to a new place, they may get separated from their old friends. So, shifting on Sunday may help you to take your children to the new place after meeting old friends. 

Remember closure of banks and legal institutions:

Always keep in mind when you are moving on Sunday that, any kinds of legal or banking financial activities will not be possible. 

If you are planning to move on Sunday to the new place, check all your documents and legal papers, apartment rental invoices, and others again and again. On Sunday you will not be able to do any kind of banking activities except money transfer. Courts and other legal organizations become shut on this day. Here you will be in harassment because for any such inconveniences you need to wait till Monday. 

Next morning office just after moving:

Most crucial thing is to keep thinking that moving to a new place on any day will produce physical and mental pressure on you. Not only moving but also there are hassles of unpacking. We all prefer to live a systematic normal life. To enjoy a normal life, arranging all things in the proper places is very important. After moving, going through a long-distance transportation journey, and unpacking it will be hectic to go to work on Monday. It is also important to start working which is mostly the main theme behind moving to a new destination. 

Extra charges on packers and movers services:

If you are thinking to use packing and moving services, there will be an issue in finding working people on Sunday. To utilize human resources on Sunday, you may need to pay extra. Most of the efficient workers take leave on Sunday.  

So, there are many issues with moving on Sunday. Still, if you are bound to move on Sunday under circumstantial situations, you are recommended to ask people on social media about the situation of that place, the market places. On Sunday normal markets, groceries, and other stores are open or not. With a handful of information, you should move on Sunday. 

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