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Can We Shift House on Saturday? | Vaastu & Astrology Tips

Are you going to shift to a new house and thinking if Saturday will be lucky or not?

According to some cultures, especially in India, there is a strong belief in every native person: They have to choose a perfect day, time, and moment before starting a new journey in their life, whether entering a new house or starting a business.

It is 100% sure that we are not irrationally suspicious. Rather, we want extra luck in this pandemic situation in order to bring more success, happiness, and prosperity to our lives.

But, there is too much confusion about which day is good for shifting the house. If you are also confused, then don’t worry. 

In this article, we are going to cover the fortunate days of the week for shifting to a new house, and can we shift on Saturday?

So, without any delay let’s get started.

can we shift house on saturday

“House means walls and beams and room means delight and dreams.”

Isn’t it a lovely quote? why not? 

Having our own home feels like we are living in heaven with the full comfort of all the essential things. And, there are many great advantages of having your own home like:

  • There is no hassle of handling landlords.
  • No issues with water, or electricity.
  • You get 100% freedom of living.
  • And, having a small house is far far better than living in a rented house. 

So, if you have bought a new house lots of congratulations from my side. But, moving to your new home comes with so many challenges.

Besides, a few cross-questions normally appear in people’s minds: which day is good, cheap, and stress-free for moving to a new house.

Read more and you will get all the answers.

Which Day Is Good For House Shifting?

Look, even though we are living in the 20th century, There are so many notions,  assumptions, and also facts believed by people about living, eating, and household things.

At the present moment, most people don’t follow any cultural rituals. They only make decisions through their comfort and their own school of thought. 

However, people in India are totally different. They usually go to a professional and experienced Astrologer in order to find out a special moment for moving to a new home, whether he/she is poor or rich.

To speak the truth, there are high levels of agreement and disagreement on auspicious days in a week. 

But in India, these days, listed below, are considered to be the optimistic and promising days:

  • Monday.
  • Wednesday.
  • Thursday.
  • Friday.
  • Saturday.

And, these days are considered to be suspicious, misfortune, and unlucky:

  • Sunday. 
  • Tuesday.
  • Saturday.

Is It Good To Shift House On Saturday?

If you have followed those two lists, you will see that Saturday is listed twice. Yes, there is an argument.

According to some astrologers, Saturday brings calmness and peace to your 

house. Not only that, your sweet home will last long by providing you with comfort and happiness.

But, there is a chance of being ill-fated.

Why Should You Not Move House On A Saturday?

The key line is there is a chance of robbery at your house. 

As per the Rudra Astrology, people normally tend to choose Saturday due to the half-day and a full day off from their office work because the next day is Sunday.

But, it is totally wrong to make any decision for your comfort because, in the long term, it can give you no-good, fruitless consequences.

So, take a day off on any of those auspicious days and move to your new, sweet home.

Is It Bad Luck To Move House On A Saturday?

I don’t know if you believe in god or not but people in the modern era follow their critical and rational thinking.

I was reading some opinions of foreigners on Quora. People from the USA, UK, and Canada, were literally mocking this question saying that it is a complete superstition and mental illness.

In fact, most of them shift their house on Saturday and they are proposing in life, having a great time with their family in that particular house.

Also, it is common sense that your moving to a new house will be good or not, it depends on your building structure, and the way you see the world. Not any day or moment.

So, it is totally up to you are going to follow the Indian culture or the modern trends.

Which Day Is Good For House Shifting?

According to Indian Sastra, every auspicious day adds different benefits and fortune to our life.

Monday: Shifting your house on Monday, you will get respect, wealth, and prosperity.

  • Wednesday: You will get Lakshmi meaning riches.
  • Thursday & Friday: Arya Bar and Sukra Bar will provide power, contentment, and money.

Can We Shift To A New House On Sunday?

Choosing Saturday and Sunday for shifting is very common all over the world. But, according to Vastu Shastra and Indian culture, it is not good because there are so many ill-fated things that may happen to you in the future like you can lose a fortune or wealth. Even there is a chance of burn in your house

Rent House Shifting Good Days 2022: January, March, April ?

moving to a rented house is also taken care of just like shifting to a new house and the best days would be: 

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  •  Friday

But, the problem is people don’t know which month is good for shifting, whether to a new house or a rented house because the Indian Vastu Shastra doesn’t follow the English calendar.

Rather, they rely on the Hindi calendar and the favorable, auspicious months are

  • Chaitra.
  • Vaishakhs.
  • Jyestha.
  • Magha.
  • Phalguna.

And these months are believed to be unlucky

  • Ashadha.
  • Sharavana.
  • Bhadrapada.
  • Ashwin.
  • Kartik.
  • Agrahayana.
  • Pausha.

Can We Shift House On Friday?

Yes, Friday is one of the best days for moving. 

There will be one problem, which is you have to take a day off from your office work and the benefits you will get

  • According to Vastu Shastra, Friday brings fortune.
  • You will get Saturday and Sunday for unloading the essential things and designing your house.

Read Some More Information:


So, we have mentioned the best days and months for shifting to a new or rented house.

Now, it is totally up to you whether you are going to follow the sastra rules or the modern fashion.

So, which day and month are you going to choose for shifting to a new house?

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