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Can we shift house on Friday? Astrology and Vaastu Tips

Are you confused about whether Friday is an auspicious day for house shifting to a new house? or Can we shift house on Friday?

Yes, there are too many arguments about which particular day is lucky for moving to one new house? Few people follow the cultural rules and few go with the modern craze.

But, particularly in India people follow the Vaastu Shastra and cultural rules while shifting to a new or rented house. According to professional astrologers, not every day is lucky. You have to be selective enough before choosing any particular day or month for shifting.

If you are unclear about the auspicious days and months, then don’t worry. In this article, we are going to cover the best days and months for shifting to a new house also you will search about: Is Friday good for house shifting?

So, without wasting any moment, let’s get started.

Can we shift house on Friday

Home, Sweet Home As There Is No Place Like Home.

Every single individual dreams of having their own sweet home where he or she will be spending their personal life with their family independently.

That is the reason everyone puts their heart and soul into their work and saves money for building a personal house. In fact, not having a house causes so many problems like:

You have to deal with the landlords every month which can ruin your peace.

Not having water and electricity 24×7 create so many issues.

You are not going to get 100% peace of living due to the crowd.

You may face problems while taking care of your children.

Handling family members and relatives is difficult in a rented house.

What is Griha Pravesh or Gruhapravesam on Friday?

Before learning about Friday as a good day for house shifting or other particular Hindi day or Hindi month, first learn about Griha Pravesh or Gruhapravesam.

Indian culture is glorious. There are some golden rules in everything from eating to sleeping, working, and even entering a new house, there are certain rules.

In fact, by following those ways, laws, or manners, we can lift our lives in such a way that we get the best from this life. Griha Pravesh or Gruhapravesam is one of those manners.

Griha Pravesh Puja or Gruhapravesam is a ritual that is performed by an individual just before entering the new house.

People from every single state or origin in India perform that ceremony, even before entering a rented house.

Which Week, Day Is Good For House Shifting?

First of all, I want to say congratulations on your new home. May you leave a happy and prosperous life.

Now, let’s come onto house shifting. I don’t know if you believe in Shastra, scriptures in the Hindu calendar. But, it is always better to find an auspicious day for moving into a new house.

By the way, it is going to happen only one time in your entire life. So, go to a professional astrologer, pandit, and take his viewpoint.

But, don’t worry if you have no time and money for an astrologer. In this article, we are going to share the best days, months, and moments for moving to a new house as per The Hindu calendar.

What Are The Auspicious Dates And Timings With Friday For House Entering in 2022?

According to the beliefs, each day has its usefulness and ill consequences. Not only do they add utility, happiness, prosperity, and richness to your life, but also they make your life nasty and rough.

The reason is that negativity is everywhere across the world, whether you are living in 2022 or old age, dark energies can affect us anytime.

So, why not follow the Vastu Shastra.

Auspicious Days in April, May, June 2022?

I don’t know if you believe in Shastra or not, but here are a few days that are not good for house shifting.

We have already mentioned that each day brings different advantages or disadvantages. With the days, months also play a crucial role in housewarming or Griha Pravesh.

Let’s learn all about the auspicious days:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

And the unlucky suspicious days are:

  • Sunday
  • Tuesday

Is It Best To Move House On A Friday?

If you visit the whole world you will see most of the people who move to a new house on Friday.

Not in India but some other growing countries like the USA, and Canada choose this particular day which is Friday.

Yes one can face such problems like

Finding a remover, truck, workers for carrying and unloading the household things into a new house.

Workers and labourers charge extra on Friday.

So, is house shifting on Friday good?

Don’t worry. Still, there are lots of advantages to selecting Friday, financially and culturally.

Can we shift house on Friday? Why Is It Good to Shift House on Friday?

Yes. According to the astrologers, Friday is the best day for moving to a new house. There are some powerful reasons that will make house shifting on Friday fortunate and lucky.

Shukra Bar provides power containment to the owner of the house.

There will be an increase in wealth and the house owner will be fortunate.

Shifting your house on Friday, you will get one-half day and one full day off from your work.

You can get all your work done at fewer expenses.
Can We Vacate House On Friday in India?

Vacate means leaving one place. Here, one place means your house, home, or your old home. So, you will leave your old home and move to another new home.

Leaving your home on Friday is good if you shift to your new home on that day.

And one thing, we want to add here is that we were reading some comments of people in the USA, the UK on Quora, and Reddit.

They were totally discharging this belief that a particular day like: house shifting on Friday or Saturday, can not control your life, success, and happiness.

They are saying it is totally an assumption and a negative belief, not a fact. They go through their own viewpoint to move to a new house.

Even, a few people were mocking all these rituals by saying: go and get a psychiatrist for your mental illnesses.

So, it is totally up to you.

Also, you can read about can we shift house on Saturday to get more info about that day shifting and procedure, good luck or bad luck.

What Are The Auspicious Months for House Shifting on Friday in 2022?

Well, when you follow any Hindu scriptures and Sastra, you get every single information about auspicious months and days in a week

As per the Hindu calendar and Vastu Shastra, the 5 auspicious months for housewarming are:


But, in India, Chaitra Vaisakha and Jyeshta are summers. In city areas, people feel like 40° Celsius every day.

Therefore, it gets very hard to move to a new house because you have to unload all those essential household things, like furniture, electrical goods, house furnishings, higher Shastri ji, pujari ji.

That is why most people ignore this month. It is okay. But, try to choose the rest of those two months, Magha and Phalguna.

What Are The Inauspicious Months For Moving Into A New House?

And, the inauspicious unlucky months are:

and Pausha.

However, the current trend of people doesn’t follow any viewpoint of Sastra. They go with their perception and move to a new house any day when they feel comfortable.

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So, we have covered all the auspicious days and months for shifting to a new home and gave the right information about Can we shift house on Friday.

Yes, you may say some personal problems while choosing the perfect day and month. But you have to manage yourself.

So, comment below: which day and month are you going to choose for moving to a new home?

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