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How Long Does it Take Packers to Pack a House?

Packing and moving is a complicated and stressful process especially when you move from one city to another city. If you are in India and want a relocation then excellent packing with the right vehicle type can make your shifting safe. Indian roads and rush driving can impact the safety of your goods during your shifting.

Your packing time may vary depending on the packing goods, packing type, and how many skilled men power involved in it. Your pre moving preparation may influence your packing time. Packing on your own may take a bit longer but professional packers took less time.

Type of HomeSkilled Men PowerTime in Hours
1 BHK3 Professional4 to 6 Hours
2 BHK4 Professional5 to 8 Hours
3 BHK5 Professional6 to 9 Hours

Packing Process and timing

The packing process can be divided into 3 main parts

  1. Gathering & Shorting
  2. Packing
  3. Boxing & Labelling

1.Gathering & Shorting

Initially, it is a smart concept if you gather all small items in your hall will be preferable. After gathering start shorting goods that need extra packing before boxing and Items that can boxing without packing.

Items that need packing before boxing is like – Crockery, Glass items, small Frame and art, flower Put, Small Electric items and other delicate items.

Items that don’t need packing before boxing is like – Clothes, steel Utensils, Plastic goods, Books, Blanket, wooden items and other hard items.

This gathering and shorting will not take nearly 45 minutes to 1 hour.


The packing process may take 2 to 4 hours. Items that need packing before boxing will take a bit long time as they need intact packing with multiple layers such as first bubble wrap, then cargo sheet and scratch warp.

Fridge, washing machine, mixer, juicer, and Gas stove are a few items that need packing but if you have the original packing box and tharmacol can save time and your packing material.

Big items such as chairs, tables, sofa, table, Bed part, and other big items need proper packing and it will move as It is Boxing is not required.

3.Boxing & Labelling

The boxing process may hardly take 45 minutes to one hour. Once you packed small items you can start putting them in the box. Professional packers know how to place small delicate items in such a way that they will get impacted in long distance moves even in bad road conditions also.

Once we finish with boxing we can do labelling which will not take very much time. In the labelling process, we should put a fragile sticker on the crockery and delicate item box. In electronics items front and back with up and down arrow marks.

ProcessTime for 1 BHKTime for 2 BHKTime for 3 BHK
Gathering30 – 45 Minutes45 – 60 Minutes45 – 60 Minutes
Shorting30 – 45 Minutes45 – 60 Minutes45 – 60 Minutes
Packing2- 3 Hours3- 4 Hours4- 5 Hours
Boxing30 – 45 Minutes1-1.5 hours1 – 1.5 hours
Labelling30 – 45 Minutes30 – 45 Minutes30 – 45 Minutes
Total Timing4 – 6 hours6-8 Hours7 – 9 Hours

The above table is an approx. time may take to pack goods by professional packers and movers. Apart from this also there are a few other factors that may vary your packing process time such as diametral of bed, uninstall of AC, TV, water purifier, Dish Antina and any other electronic items that need to be uninstalled.

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