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11 Steps : How to Select Right Packers and Movers

Hey, there I hope you are doing well in your life. Firstly, if you are reading this blog, it means you are trying to shift your house or offices to a new location. However, you guys are already aware of the packers and movers and their work. If you don’t know, then you must read this ” what is packers and movers ?

Simply, packers and movers are those companies that can easily shift your households to your desired destinations at an affordable price and a small-time period. And people often choose these services to relocate their house and offices to avoid hassle and tensions in the relocation.

People are making mistakes regarding how to select right packers and movers. We know that’s not their fault because the packers and movers industry are new for many people who don’t know enough about it.

As packers and movers, we should inform you of all the necessary information that will help you choose the best packers and movers for your shiftings. So in this article, we discussed all the essential information that will help to find your budget-friendly and secured packers and movers.

Before diving into the main topic, there is so much you should have to know. Many questions and fear run in their head while hiring any packers and movers. And it’s obvious for a person who is going to select any packers and movers. Here are the most common questions and fears that come to newbie’s head before hiring them

Is hiring packers and movers safe?

How much will they charge?

Are they provide complete safety to my goods?

Can I reduce the relocation price?

What to do if any goods will break at the time of shifting?

If I lost any households, what should I do?

How to select right packers and movers?

What is their process of shifting of households?

Above that, many questions will strike your mind while searching for packers and movers. If you are going through this then this article will be beneficial to you. We cover all the aspects of packers and movers that will help you select the best packers and movers.

How to Select Right Packers and Movers?

After serving packing and moving service to many customers for more than five years, we get to know that people have been facing one common issue while selecting a packing and moving service. And that is how to select right packers and movers?

After the internet revolution, there are only two ways to find your desired services. One is offline, and another is online. But offline is not the proper way to find such services and it’s too complicated compared to online. You have to visit packers and movers offices one by one and find those customers who used their services to get genuine reviews.

There are many ways to determine good packers and movers by looking at their websites, social media profiles, reviews etc. in online. So We made this process by combining both online and offline methods to select your desired packers and movers.

To simplify the process of choosing packers and movers for your shifting, we made these 11 points that will guide you to get your perfect packers and moves.

1.Hunt on the Internet and find some Packers and Movers

At first, you have to turn on your internet connection, open your browser and start searching for packers and movers on Google. If you live in Pune, then you can search like this “packers and movers Pune“.

You can see many search results for your queries. To get an overview, you have to visit at least 10/20 packers and movers websites and check their services list, price, social media pages, etc. After completing this task, you will get an idea about those companies that will help you shortlist some of them. Then you have to shortlist (minimum 7/8 packers and movers) some of them by looking at all the above information.

While shortlisting packers and movers, one of the primary things you should give attention to is how old they are, the older packers and movers are always beneficial to you; keep in mind that.

While shortlisting packers and movers, one of the primary things you should give attention to is how old they are, the older packers and movers are always beneficial to you; keep in mind that. After shortlisting some companies, you can go through the below process to choose one of them for your relocation.

2.End-to-End Shifting Services

While selecting the best packers and movers for your relocation, you should check their types of services like they should provide end-to-end packing services. When it comes to choosing a packing and moving services, always go for the company which deals with all types of shifting services like households, vehicles, pets, plants etc. Many packers and movers only provide households shifting, not other services. For hassle-free relocation, go for a complete service provider.

People often choose some packers and movers that are only deal with only households shiftings, so they face many problems while shifting their vehicles. Most of the time, you need to move your pets as well, so always try to hire a complete service provider.

3.Select Genuine and Legitimate Packers and Movers

The next step is to select a genuine and legitimate company because many bogus companies are always ready to mislead people and earn money. To avoid such fake companies, you must check their authenticity and their expertise.

To check their authenticity, you can follow the below process

To check a packers and movers profile, you have to visit some government website to get each information about them. Before collecting their information, you need to have their GST number. If you don’t have any GST number of packers and movers, you can Google it, and most packers and movers mentioned their GST number on the about us page.

If you can’t find any GST number of any packers and movers, you can ask them to provide their GST number. After getting the GST number you have to visit some sites like

Above that, there are many websites where you can get all the private company’s information. The first site will provide the company’s registration date, head office address, etc. The second one will provide all the information about the company and its founders. Here are some images of Cloud packers and movers company’s information that we got from those above sites.

All this information shows the genuine company and if you find any company that has no data according to their GST number, then avoid such companies to hire.

4.All time Reviews and Ratings

Another one is reviews and ratings of the packers and movers; when it comes to offline, it is tough to find some genuine feedback about their services. Thanks to Google and other social platforms, where you can easily find those packers and movers honest reviews and ratings.

Here is the process to collect the genuine opinion of the people that will help you get a better understanding. There are few platforms where you can see those packers and movers reviews and ratings

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • YouTube
  • Other Social Platforms

Those are the best social media platforms where each company operates their services. You can simply find their social media accounts on their website, and you can dive into their social handle to collect what people say about their services.

Moreover, Google my business is one of the popular services of Google, where you can easily find your packers and movers reviews. You have just to search the selected packers and movers company names, and you can see their Google my business profile on the top of the search result. Just like this

Google my business works on peoples reviews and ratings, so you can browse yourself and see any packers and movers reviews and ratings. Moreover, here is a bonus tip for checking those companies reputations; you have just to visit the Indiancomplaint.com website, where you can see all the complaints about your selected packers and movers. (If there is any available)

Finally, while checking reviews and ratings of the packers and movers, another thing to consider that never relying on reviews and ratings. Most of the time, those companies are manipulating their reviews.

5.Visit their Physical Office

After completing all those above necessary steps, you will get a clear picture of those companies. Then you have to take an office visit and discuss about your relocation process. Office visits will give a lot of information about those companies and their procedure which will help you to select the best packers and movers.

6.Discuss Hidden Costs and Additional Charges

Before hiring any packers and movers, you must talk about companies’ hidden costs and additional charges to avoid future losses. Many packers and movers have been charging a penny amount to attract customers, and after completing relocation, they will give a tremendous amount of bill they had never discussed. And these are the hidden cost, so always discuss with their executive about the hidden cost before hiring.

Another is additional charges; each packer and movers have extra charges depending on your shipment. Always try to make conversation about the additional costs to evade future loss.

7.Packaging Materials and Packaging Process

In-office visits or telephone try to make conversation about their packaging materials and packing procedure. Many packers and movers have very low-quality packaging materials and poor quality packing that will harm your households at the time of shifting.

And you can ask them to send their packaging materials list and packing procedure videos for personal satisfaction. Each packer and mover have entitled to provide all those information.

8.Ask for a Pre-move Survey

90% of packers and movers have the pre-move survey feature where they will visit your doorstep, and by looking at your households and your destination, they will provide you with a relocation cost. It’s a sign of good packers and movers, so always take a free audit or pre-move survey. And these features are free of cost, so never forget to ask those packers and movers you select.

9.Household Insurance

Many packers and movers are providing insurance to their customers. While choosing packers and movers, always discuss the insurance benefits. We also prefer that we never go for packing and moving companies with no insurance benefits.

There is a big chance that your goods may be damaged or broken when relocating your households. You can get a 60-90 percent compensation amount for your broken or lost goods if anything happens during relocation.

10.Ask for Free Services

A packers and movers company has many free services that you should know before selecting any packing and moving company. Packers and movers are charging some labor costs, but they provide a minimalist price for packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, etc. But you can ask them to provide one of them free for you.

11.Negotiate as Much as

After completing all the above steps, you must negotiate about your relocation cost. Many packers and movers will decrease your shifting cost if you can deal.

Bonus Tips

Apply all the methods discussed above to minimize your relocation cost and hire the best packers and movers in your budget. Never go for the classified sites and brokers to choose packers and movers, and each third-party process will increase your relocation cost.

Give your one hour for searching packers and movers that save your money and save your households from being damaged or lost. We covered all this essential information and how to select the right packers and movers. If you love our information, share it with your friends and family who need to shift their house or office.

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