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How to Protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting?

Tips to protect your delicate or fragile items during the shifting process

These days moving has become a new normal for many people in India. Many people move due to job transfers, to experience a new city and culture , in search of better opportunities and many other reasons.

All of them who shifted always complain of one thing that shifting is really a hectic process and can really pressurize or exhaust a person to a big extent.

People often say taking care of delicate items is one of the most difficult job during moving

They say they didn’t know How to Protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting?

So If you also are planning to move and don’t know How to Protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting?

Then don’t worry take a chill pill we got some effective tips for you

What are delicate items ?

Before reading what delicate items are you should know the meaning of delicate or say how to categorize an item in the delicate domain.

The simple  and pointed definition of delicate is that thing that can be easily broken or damaged or say fragile.

So the items that can break easily comes under the delicate item section

Some examples of delicate items in a normal household are :

  • Glasses
  • Crockery
  • Mirror
  • TV screens
  • Vases
  • Glass bottles
  • Paintings
  • And much more

How delicate items can break during moving?

During the moving or shifting process you have to deposit all the items of your house in a truck or van and then they deliver these items to your new place.

Although all items are placed in boxes, there is still a big risk .

The delicate items can easily break even in a box if the vehicle gets a little bump or jerk .We always suggest you to go with the professional packers and movers for your relocation to avoid any losses.

So without any further due let’s head to the tips which can Protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting.

Delicate Items Protection

How to Protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting

1.Add Peanuts Foam in boxes

Yes you read it right, adding peanuts to a box can really Protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting as if the vehicle used for transportation suffers from any jerk or bump and the fragile items positioned in the box will experience a shock and ultimately the peanuts will absorb the shock and will safeguard your fragile items

2.Use Corrugated boxes

Using corrugated boxes over normal carton boxes will really help you out in safeguarding the fragile items in the process of shifting.

Corrugated boxes are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can be more durable and sturdy than normal containers and will really protect the delicate items if they experience any jerk.

3.Adding Thermocol or  Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Thermocol or say polystyrene is a synthetic aromatic polymer that is used for many purposes and is majorly used in packaging domain.

Being light weighted, strong thermocol will definitely  work as a shock-absorber for the fragile items during moving if stuffed in the boxes also it will offer water protection

too. The only flaw in thermocol is it is not eco-friendly.

4.Take some service from towels

Yes towels are not only for drying your body they can be used to protect delicate items during shifting too.

You have to add towels in boxes and they will act as shock-absorber and will also provide cushioning to fragile items and will help in avoiding breakage of items during shifting.

5.Compact boxes

Using compact boxes or small boxes will reduce the possibility of damage to delicate/ fragile items during shifting.

It is easy to fill a small box and after filling it will become more shock resistant than a big box with some empty space according to some basic rules of physics and will really save items to break during the shifting journey.

6.Manage all the items and boxes correctly

Perfectly said by someone “Good management is one of the keys to success ” is really applicable here, so if you really want to succeed in the mission of not getting the delicate items damaged during shifting you have to manage them well.

Place the heaviest item at the base of the box to make the box Airtight

Label the boxes containing fragile items, so everybody handle them with care

Add the boxes with fragile items at the last in storage of vehicle ( near to driver’s side) because this part of vehicle experience less jerks

Do all things with patience, so you don’t yourself break anything

Following these managing tips will definitely help you out.

7.Bubble wrap is your best friend

Bubble wrap is really a good tool when it is used to prevent the breakage of items that are delicate during the shifting process.

You just have to wrap bubble wrap around fragile items. In case of any bump or moment of an item the wrap’s bubble will pop out absorbing the shock and will save the fragile item from damage, and you know what to do with leftover bubble wrap? You can play with it

8.You can use Cotton too

Cotton can also be used as an alternative of bubble wrap to protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting, but it will not work as well as bubble wrap so according to our advice you should use bubble wrap to prevent fragile items from breaking during moving.

9.Protect  items containing fluid  also

Protecting liquid items during shifting should also be a part of the list. To prevent them from leakage during the shifting process you should store them in plastic bottles rather than boxes . Also, the liquid container should be sealed tightly.

10.Make the boxes more strong

To prevent the breakage of fragile items during shifting our utmost priority is to make the boxes strong which contain delicate items. To do it you have to add a protective layer on the box

11.Base of boxes should be soft

The base of boxes should be soft or cushioned by some soft material by adding some cushion material . For eg you can spread bubble wrap at base of box, you can roll out cotton at base also. The utter purpose is to make the base soft, so it can absorb the shock and protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting

12.Avoid bumpy roads

So we are here talking to prevent items from any jerks, so the transportation route should be also smooth and bump free. Rough roads should be avoided . This method can really help to protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting.

13.Edify the driver to drive slow

So many drivers in the shipping industry really drive fast and carelessly. You should instruct the driver to drive slowly especially on rough roads because if the vehicle gets a bump on high speed the jerk will be gigantic and will badly affect delicate items. So this should be also in your list to  protect delicate Items against damage during shifting.

14.Pack items tightly

The box in which you are packing your items should be airtight. You can add cotton, bubble wraps, and foam in empty spaces of the box , ultimately it will become more safe for the delicate items during the shifting process.

15.Hire a transportation company

You can get in contact with some local transportation management company, and they  will handle all the chaos. The only job you have to do is to enjoy the journey.

If you are looking for any packers and movers in Pune or anywhere in India you can go with the Cloud for your delicate items shifting.

How do you move heavy Fragile items?

Heavy fragile items should be kept at the bottom of the box with bubble wrap too and the box should be of high quality and the base of the box should be cushioned to avoid breakage of fragile items during shifting.

How do you pack things, so they don’t break?

All the things should be wrapped with bubble wrap in a corrugated box with cushioned base and the box should be Airtight to protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting

How do you pack fragile items without bubble wrap?

You can add newspapers, towels, old clothes , air pillows as shock-absorbers and prevent Delicate Items to get Damaged During Shifting

What to wrap glasses in when moving?

You can cushion the glass with paper, newspapers, bubble wrap or can buy special boxes for it to prevent it from any damage during shipping

Which are the best moving companies in India?

Usually all transportation management companies do work in a perfect flow, but the most popular ones in India are Urban Relocations Packers & Movers, Agarwal Packers and Movers, Skywing Packers and Movers, DTC Cargo Packers and Movers who can  Protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting

Can you use newspaper instead of bubble wrap?

If you got no bubble wrap from anywhere newspapers are good to go also the other alternatives of bubble wrap can be towels, old clothes , foam too. that can help to prevent damage to items During shifting.

What is the best packing material for fragile items?

You can go for bubble wraps, peanuts , newspapers or any papers, foams, tape too.

Which plastic is used for packaging fragile items?

Polypropylene (PP) is used to pack fragile items during shifting to  Protect the Items against Damage During Shifting.

Cheap packing material list?

The cheapest way to pack fragile items are to use peanuts, foams, bubble wrap , newspapers that can be economically friendly to you and can  Protect Delicate Items against Damage During Shifting.


So these were some ways through which you can prevent the fragile items from any damage during moving hope these all will help you. You can follow these steps while shifting your house or office.

Also, many viewers say how they can pack a messy house for them here are some tips from our side

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