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5 Common Packers and Movers Service Myths.

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Packers and movers services become trendy with mushroom-like growth. Still, many of us trust myths regarding the services (related to authentication, cost, etc.). It’s true; some rotten apples are sufficient to spoil the entire bucket. But, we should discuss the truth behind common packers and movers service myths. Please come with us to explore the original color of packers and movers services exploring the myth’s curtain.

Myth# 1: Packers and mover services need a time-consuming supervision

We have heard many times that packers and movers companies send their people. So, we need to provide a lot of time to help or engage them. But it’s only sometimes valid. Reputed packers and movers make only a single visit to your home to complete their pre-packing surveys. After this step, packers, and movers professionals will visit your home before your relocation day at your suitable time slot.

During COVID-19 pandemic cloud packers and movers Bangalore do video call, inspect goods and sent soft quotation online to cause less interaction.

At this time, you may take a work-from-home mode day because your presence is only required. You are required to supply different materials to your packers and movers.

Myth# 2: Packers and movers pack everything

If you are nurturing this myth within your mind, you are wrong. Before going through the agreement or others, you must check with your packers that things are not packed and moved by them. We will mainly provide a list; these listed materials are not packed or moved by the service providers.

  • Alcohol or liquors
  • Academic or financial documents
  • Gas or flammable materials
  • Perishable food items
  • Oil or Liquid Items
  • Gold or other precious jewelry and cash
  • Betteries and chemicals
  • Phone and Important Documents

So before accepting the services from packers and movers, you should ask them what to do with these materials. Otherwise, your mental myth about packers and movers services may need to be revised.

The importance of packers’ and movers’ extent is always hidden behind their organized skills, proficiency in packing, and teamwork structure.

Myth#3: Packers and movers are primarily online, hard to trust

Yes, with the digital trend in transportation, we may find that most packers and movers are available online. After the Covid-19 epidemic in India, this service mainly depends on the web presence. But, you may check authentication services from I-tax services and others about their TAN, TIN, and other details. From reviews also, you may get a clear idea.

Packers and movers services are an online structure because they need to serve inter-state or other services. Still, reputed packers and movers service providers recruit customer care executives, and they are always present to help you and solve your queries.

Myth#4: Packers and movers damage or steal materials

Mainly we trust other people’s information. Packers and movers service myths are not an exemption. Some fraudsters take all their belongings and want ransom money. Some unprofessional packers company damages precious belongings like furniture and show pieces. But reputed packers companies are still continuing their duty with passion and dedication. To avoid inconveniences, you may ask for insurance, and this will cover the damage or other accidental risks.

Myth#5: Packers and movers service is costly

It’s utterly wrong information, not only a myth. Packers and movers service providers will give you a complete idea about the approximate cost with the approximate required time. You can save time and money when you hire a professional packer and mover. You may face the following issues when you complete all of these by yourself.

High time consumption:

You need professional efficiency to pack. So, it will take a lot of time to complete the packing, load the transportation van, etc. Not only does self-moving take more time, but also it causes different types of injury (knee, hands, etc.).

Wastage of money:

Sometimes when we pack by ourselves, we take the help of small transports like vans, cars, autos, and small dollies. When you use small vans many times to transport all of your belongings, it becomes enormous.

Chances of damage:

Professional packers and movers have their own packaging system, carrying all the materials without any damage. Even they provide comprehensive insurance for safe and secured transportation of your belongings. In 90% of cases, they don’t do any such damage.


Here we have highlighted 5 basic packers and movers service myths which are always in the air to create a misconception about this service. But these are only sometimes true. These are basic terrible myths that can insist you not take the services of professional packers and movers from bangalore to pune. Still, we all know, no risk and no gain. So, don’t get confused with myths. Try for your own and break myths. It will help to understand the packers and movers service myths.



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