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What should you not pack when moving?

During relocation, we are always worried about what to pack and how to pack. Sometimes, packing the entire family (excluding people and pets) may make your journey hassled. There are some government rules, and some packers and movers service providers have rules about what you can pack and what you can’t pack while moving. If you have purchased an insurance paper, still in your transport van you have included these prohibited materials, you will not be able to claim any return for any accidents. So, besides packing the important belongings you should know what things you can’t pack during relocation. 

We are giving you a small idea about those prohibited things with detailed reasons. It will help you to remember during packing. Including these documents please read your insurance agreement again to find out all the things timely. Many insurance organizations will not support your insurance claims if you carry inflammable things within your transportation van. 

What should you not pack when moving

Leave all the flammable products and poisonous substances:

 Flammable and liquid products are always prohibited to pack within the moving and packing boxes for a great reason. After being closed for a long time, vapors of these liquids incur pressure. With this pressure,  when a vehicle jumps into the bumps or other obstructions in the way, liquid molecules cross their flaming points and it can create fire-related accidents.

In the first round of packing, firstly leave all the flammable products like lighting oils, motor oil, kerosene, alcohol, nail polish remover, and others. These may be lit up during transportation from one place to another. 

Why should you avoid packing?

Any kind of mosquito spray, detergent, and foaming materials should not be taken. After a long time, these liquid products may incur a high level of pressure and spoil the entire packing. 

You can’t take gardening materials like fertilizers in your transportation packing boxes. Most fertilizers contain Ammonia, urea, and other poisonous chemical substances. 

Charge up your relocation with freshness, not with a battery:

When you’re going to pack up electronic gadgets, including television, game player, gym machinery, and others having any kinds of remote aids, you should leave all kinds of batteries from the remotes. 

Within the lithium or other batteries to be used within remote or other instruments, there is a liquid with electrodes, which are anode and cathode. There is an exchange of charges between anode and cathode. During transportation for a hectic jump, if the volt or charge exchange system gets disrupted, it may be lit up and cause accidents. So, you should leave the battery when you start packing to move to a new place. 

Keep thinking about your pet and you:

Besides these liquids and electrical gadgets, you need to think sufficiently for your pet and yourself. In the hassling period of packing and moving, you are still responsible to continue the daily food habit and other activities for your pet. If you are moving to a new city, it’s a fresh start and you will be tired after your relocation. Packers and movers will take a little bit of time to unpack your boxes. During this period you will need to continue your livelihood in the new place. That’s why please keep these below-mentioned products handy to you.

  • Some ready-to-eat food for you 
  • Foods for your pet
  • Sufficient water
  • Air-conditioner or cooler if you are moving in summer or you are moving to a tropical place
  • Daily-based medicines for both of you and your furry soulmate
  • Sunscreen or moisturizer according to the new place environment
  • Music players to get some relief after relocation
  • Electronic multiple charging points (Its a mandate because you may not find an electrician just after reaching the new destination)
  • Apartment documents and relocation-related documents to entire in the location of the new city
  • Car keys, new and old place apartment keys should not be packed. 

Some daily wear apparel, electric kettles, coffee powder bottles, candles, torch, daily bathing accessories (Soap, shampoo, towels, bathroom shoes), and others you may pack in separate hand bags, but not pack for putting in the transportation van. 

You should not pack charging accessories for cell phones, contact detail directories, and laptops. These should be always with you. During relocation day, you can’t take leaves for numerous days. To continue working from home, you may need the charging wires. Besides laptops, a cell phone charger is another thing that you also require at night. After completion of work, you miss your old friends and neighbors. Your parents will be worried about you shifting to a new place. Here, a cell phone is the only way to maintain communication. 

Always keep your assets with you:

When you are packing all your belongings to hand over to the packers and movers, just keep your irreplaceable assets with you. It includes the following:

  • Banking/ Financial documents
  • Car license,
  • Gold or other precious jewelry
  • New place apartment rental or purchasing bills
  • Birth certificates
  • Educational certificates
  • Pet vaccination bills, medicines, and routine vet visiting papers
  • Photographs with your relatives who are no more

Embrace your garden plants:

It is the time to bid a teary goodbye to your loving friends, and your plants. It still hurts that we need to leave our green friends because pots and clays will spoil other packing boxes. Fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides can incur fire accidents if they are heated up if they are placed near a car battery due to containing flammables like ammonia, urea, potash, etc. On the last day, you may spend quality time with those friends, clicking some snapshots, sharing your eye-heaving feelings on social media, etc.

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Last Verdict

Though it’s tough to leave your food, you can’t take all of your prepared food with you to the new destination. On the way, some foods may be spoiled and it may hamper other packed boxes too. Dents and insects may attack other boxes. To avoid this unwanted situation, you may arrange a party on the last night before your final shift. If you are a good cook, you may use all the remaining products for an assembled cuisine. But at last, you should make a hug with all, to spread your love touch forever. 

Packing and shifting mostly attract your attention because here you may put the knowledge of science, arts, and common sense. Just remember our recommendation for packing and get ready with your backpacks for your new destination, fresh life.



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