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Can we Do Griha Pravesh Puja After Shifting?

Shifting to a new apartment or new house brings so much pleasure and gratification. And as Indian culture, we perform some rituals to prevent negative energy from our new house. And often, we think, can we do Griha Pravesh puja after shifting to a rented house or apartment? Here is the direct answer 

We should definitely perform Griha Pravesh puja to create a decisive environment or positive vibe and prevent the negative energy of the house. Also, you can arrange a complete Vastu puja for more confidence. 

There are numerous reasons behind this griha pravesh puja, and we are so serious about some of the causes like losing your wealth, health issues, relationship issues, etc. 

By performing griha pravesh puja we bring some positivity to your new house and kill those gloomy habitats. And before executing the griha pravesh puja there are many things you need to know about do’s and don’t to avoid any inaccuracy. 

What Should You Need to Do Before Griha Pravesh Puja?

There are many things to do before you move to your new house, like preparing a house for griha pravesh puja where you need to clean your entire house by pouring water, coloring your doors and windows, etc. Let’s know about each basic thing that should be done before your griha Pravesh 

  • Before your griha pravesh or Vastu Puja with your family, all of your doors, windows, roof and other construction should be completed. 
  • Follow the coconut rituals at your house before entering. (In coconuts rituals we break the coconut entry of our house)
  • The owner of the house or any special person should take the whole responsibility of the griha pravesh and give their right feet while entering the house.
  •  And you can sprinkle salt water or Gangaa jal before griha pravesh to purify your house. 
  • Adorn your main door with flowers and mango leaves as per our culture and don’t forget to add Swastika and the lotus symbol. 
  • You can also paint your wall and doors with Indian auspicious symbols like Swastika and om.
  • Buy some necessary items for your rituals like havan vessel, havan powder, desi ghee, wood for havan, unpeeled coconut, mango branch that has seven leaves, etc.
  • And bring some desi milk from the nearest local shop or any of the firms.
  • Invite some of the brahmins to participate in your griha pravesh to bless your family. 

What should you avoid before performing Griha Pravesh Puja?

There are many things that need some special attention before doing griha pravesh puja. Here are those things that you should have to avoid 

  • Avoid your griha pravesh puja or postpone the next date if someone is pregnant or died in your family. And you need to avoid rituals if your wife or any of your family members are going through their period. 
  • You need to live in your house after griha pravesh puja with at least one person. It is believed that leaving your whole family after griha pravesh is bad luck. 
  • Always invite your friends, family and neighbors to your puja and feed them. And don’t let anyone go empty-handed after your griha pravesh, try to give some food, gifts, and sweets, and if you have sufficient money, give a silver coin. 

For the best practices, try to wear new clothes in the puja and donate traditional clothes to the priest. Invite as many people as you want people to your griha pravesh and feed them to get the blessing from them. 

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We gave a descriptive overview of the can we do griha pravesh puja after shifting and provided you with some of the basic information and also informed you about do’s and don’t of griha pravesh. If you feel this information can be helpful to you, then definitely share it with your friends or family members. Thank you. 

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