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How to Declutter Your House Before Moving.

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Are you feeling stressed by the thought of decluttering your house? We are here to guide you. The moving process can be made easy and stress-free through proper decluttering of the old house. So, in this blog, we provided steps and tips for the same. Remember, execution is your responsibility.

Dive into the below content and get ready to declutter your house before moving!

What is Meant by Decluttering Your House?

It is the activity in which unwanted belongings in the house are either thrown away, donated or sold out. This makes the house more pleasant. Decluttering results in cleanliness and a fresh environment in the house. 

When a person is planning a move, especially in that case decluttering a house plays a crucial role. It is the first step towards a stress-free move

Importance of Decluttering Your House Before a Big Move

Once you decide to move your house, then you have to plan it well. Planning will make your moving process easy.

The priority in your plan should be decluttering your old house. This will bring clarity. The next procedure of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking will become easy and smooth.

Once you get rid of unnecessary belongings then you can focus on moving important belongings safely and securely.

5 Easy Steps to Declutter Your House Before Moving

The following are the 5 easy steps to declutter your house before moving:

  1. Plan

Planning will lead to a successful decluttering procedure. Sit quietly and on paper write down your plan. Include details such as from which room you will start, what the sequence will be, what are the days, etc. Then have a keen look at your belongings and roughly write what is necessary and what is not needed any more. Once you have this rough plan on paper then you can go ahead.

  1. Discuss

Now, this is the time to discuss with your family and take their help. Discuss your rough plan with them. Also, listen to their opinions and accordingly make changes to your plan to sell it or donate it. Once you are done with the discussion you can move towards the next step.

  1. Share responsibilities

After discussing the plan, share the responsibilities with your family members. You can share room wise or even you can give them a choice to choose whatever they want to declutter. Sharing responsibilities will reduce the burden on your mind.

  1. Execute

Now, it’s time to execute your plan. Be strict and execute everything. It will not be perfect but it will be efficient enough.

  1. Celebrate 

Once you are done with decluttering celebrate your success with your family. Remember, these little moments will make your move memorable and exciting.

7 Tips for Effective Decluttering of Your House Before Moving

  1. Start early 

Once you decide to declutter your house before the move, you have to conduct the whole procedure efficiently. To do it well you must start early. This will give you more time to segregate everything in a good manner. If your plan includes a particular number of days, then you can give a daily minimum of 30 minutes with your family. In this way, tasks will be done.

  1. Give dedicated time for the decluttering process

As we discussed in the previous point, try to allocate specific time daily for decluttering. This will make the whole process more productive. 

  1. Go through everything

Go through every little thing and do your best. Everything means everything. So, you will see that your house will get organised and your moving will become easy.

  1. Minimize the mess

Less mess means less stress. So, make more efforts to make your house mess-free. Be clear and decide to reduce mess.

  1. Use the “one-year rule”

Once you start decluttering you will need clarification on what to keep and what to get rid of. So, use the one-year rule. This rule is simple. If you haven’t used any item in the last year, then get rid of it. 

  1. Embrace the “keep-donate-throw” system

This is a formula which will help you to make your decluttering process effective. It’s so simple. Just keep it in mind while segregating your belongings. It says, to keep the belongings which you need, love or use; donate the belongings which you don’t need but are in good condition and finally throw away the belongings which are damaged, expired or not in use.

  1. Embrace a fresh start

You are going to move into your new house. So, decluttering is an opportunity to enter there with minimum but important belongings. So, do it well and embrace this fresh start.

4 Benefits of Decluttering Your House Before a Big Move

  1. Saves time, energy and money

Decluttering is the smart decision. It saves time, energy and money. You will get rid of unnecessary belongings which makes the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking easy. If you are taking help from a professional moving company in Pune then decluttering in advance to less cost. If you are moving on your own then also it becomes super easy as you have fewer items to be moved. So, in both cases, it saves time, energy and money.

  1. Helps to stay organized

If you are not planning and haven’t done decluttering, you will mess up your moving experience. But, if you have planned and performed decluttering then you will enjoy the benefits. As you have to move only necessary things you can pack properly, you can label boxes and easily unpack them. In this way, you can be organized throughout your moving process.

  1. Helps to prioritize your important belongings

Through the decluttering process, your important belongings get prioritized. You can focus on important items. This will lead to a sense of satisfaction. Having minimal goods leads to use less packing material.

  1. Helps to improve your mental health

When you get rid of unwanted items in your old house and enter your new house with all important items, you will ultimately feel positive. Those unnecessary things hold the negative energy which affects you and your family. But, decluttering will give you a sense of positivity and happiness. In this way, your mental health improves.


We aim to help you and make your moving process stress-free and easy. So, we presented these steps, tips and benefits of decluttering. Hope this content will help you and you will plan to declutter soon and execute it.

Happy Decluttering!


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