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How to Transport Bike From One City to Another in India

Are you having some problems moving your bike from your living place to another city?

If so, you are at the right place, as you will get all your problems solved by this article.

First, let me clear this up: there are several ways through which you can transport your bike from one place to another in India. It totally depends on your choice of which route or option you take.

But, which is the easiest way for transporting two-wheelers. We are 100% sure that you are looking for the cheapest and easiest way to transport your bike to your desired place. Isn’t it?

So, read the whole article thoroughly, and you will get all your answers.

how to transport bike from one city to another in India
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Which Is The Best and Cheapest Way To Transfer Your Bike in India?

See, India is a very populated country. So transferring your bike won’t be easy anyway, but it is not too hard as it looks provided you choose a perfect transportation method.

Furthermore, it is not that only you have to transport your bike. You need to take care of your two-wheeler, making sure it is in a good condition without getting any single scratch

If we talk about the methods or options to shift your bike, there are several ways like you can hire a professional mover company, or by track or a train.

But, here are the consequences you face if not choosing a perfect way of shifting your favorite loving bike:

  • Your bike can totally be lost or exchanged.
  • Any part can get broken.
  • It may get scratches.
  • The transportation process can take more time.
  • Lastly, it can cost a lot of money.

How To Transport Bike From One City, State To Another?

You know how powerful the Indian railways’ system is. From every small town to a city, to a megacity, the railway network is connected through local trains along with the express. 

So, every individual chooses the railway network rather than other methods for moving two-wheelers like the bike, Scotty, etc. from one city to another.

Also, it is a lot cheaper as the transportation cost is very less than other methods like roadways, buses, etc. As India is the 4th largest railway network in the world, you can shift your two-wheelers at ease.

How To Transport A Bike From One City To Another By Train?

Transporting your bike by train: There are two options available 

  • As Luggage.
  • As A Parcel.

Now, we are going to share all the details about the railway transportation system and how trains carry two-wheelers as luggage or as a parcel.

Two-Wheeler Transportation In India By Train has Two Options: Luggage and Parcel

Exporting and transporting goods via train is one of the best options you can transfer from perishable, non-perishable goods, to digital goods. Even, it is less costly than other ways.

Generally, people used to take advantage of any method they like, but in the present moment, railway authorities decide everything.

  • Whether your goods will be transferred as luggage or parcel. 
  • They will select the particular train on which your goods will be carried to another station.
  • They will allow you when there is an availability of a spot on a train.
  • Also, it depends on the target station Whether you can transport your bike or not.
  • In fact, the Indian railway suggests a parcel reservation method for bike transport over luggage.  

I want to send my bike via Railways. What is the procedure to do that?


Luggage is something that needs to be carried with the owner on the same train while transporting. 

As per the railway system, the owner must be presented at the booking station’s luggage office no less than half an hour before the train’s departure time. 

Shifting two-wheelers as luggage via train is a flying mode option. However, there are some bits of disadvantages

  • You have to travel on the same train.
  • You need to pay extra for your trip ticket.
  • Have to receive your bike just after reaching the targeted station.
  • It is not an economical way as compared to the parcel. 


Parcel describes the whole process of packing, weighing, packaging, and labeling an object or collection of objects that are covered or wrapped in paper to be carried via train.  

  • It will be a more cost-effective way. 
  • Your two-wheeler will be sent to your desired place within a week.
  • Indian railway offers amazing parcel service because it is the spine of the logistics sector. 
  • For a Two-wheeler parcel service, you can use the Indian Railways Government website.
  • You have to choose a station that is on the railway parcel service list.

What Documents Are Needed To Transport Your Bike By Train In India?

Now we are going to explain how you can transport your bike by train and which documents are required. 

Whether you choose the parcel method or luggage, you need some definite documents and papers. Without those, the railway will not allow you to transport your bike.

Bike Transportation As The Luggage By Train India:

  • Luggage will be on the same train with the presence of the owner. 
  • You need a confirmed reservation ticket. Without this, you can not do luggage booking.
  • The luggage booking rate is around 25% higher than parcel booking.
  • In luggage booking, you have to be in the booking station 3 or 4 hours before the train’s departure time.
  • If the departure time is at midnight or in the very morning you can book your bike one day before.
  • RC and your identity are required for luggage booking.
  • After luggage booking, you will get a Railway Receipt (RR).
  • Railway Receipt is very important without this you cannot get your bike back when reaching the destination, targeted station.
  • If you lose your Railway Receipt, you will get into big trouble because no xerox copy or photocopy of it works. There is only one solution which is court.
  • In order to have a safe loading, load your bike on the train under your care.
  • Also, unload your bike under your watch.
  • Always remember loading and unloading is the railway’s responsibility. You don’t have to pay anything extra for that.
  • Track your destination from time to time while being on the train

Bike Transportation As The Parcel By Train India:

  • It is like going to the post office and then booking and sending a parcel.
  • We cannot ensure the loading and unloading of our bikes.
  • We cannot choose the train.
  • So, it is on the Riskier side.
  • Collect your bike as soon as it reaches its destination because the railway charges a penalty for late receiving.

A Quick Look: What Are The Rules & Important Documents Needed For Two-Wheeler Transport by Train?

  • You need to have valid insurance for your bike. Generally, the railway doesn’t want your insurance but if your bike gets misplaced or damaged then insurance will come into play.
  • Unload petrol from your bike or keep it on low mark do this before packing your bike.
  • Don’t carry petrol with you because it is totally illegal as per the railway rules.
  • Be there in the parcel office file for safe packing of your bike.
  • Use bubble wrap for covering your bike
  • Remove some sensitive parts of your bike like indicator, rear-view mirrors, toolbox, number plate, windshield, etc
  • Note the chassis number of your bike. It is going to play a key role if you get an emergency.
  • RC and your ID document are most important.
  • You may carry your insurance papers.
  • If the booking bike is not registered by your name in that case you can take an authority note from the owner.

What Are The Advantages Of Bike Transport By Train:

  • Chance of Less damage to your bike.
  • No fuel cost at all.
  • Get support for bike parcels from the Indian railway system. 
  • Rail authorities take care of your wheeler.
  • You can transport your bike as a parcel or as luggage.
  • You can shift your bike to any City you want.
  • Your bike will be at your destination within a week. 
  • Simple and smooth bike shifting.


  • You need government-issued ID proof.
  • Transporting bikes by train requires insurance and a Registration Certificate for the bike. 
  • You need to wait for slot availability on the train.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Bike From One City To Another By Train?

Bike Transport Charges For Luggage:

  • Packing Charges. 
  • Loading Charges. 
  • Transport Charges. 
  • Train Ticket Fare.

Bike Transport Charges For Parcel:

You need to pay according to your bike’s

  • Weight.
  • Distance Of The Destination.
  • Insurance Charges.

The Indian Railway charges 300 to 500 for packing. However, transporting your bike with fuel petrol, that is totally against the railways rule, you may find a fine of rs 1000 to rs 5000 for bike transportation.

Can Someone Suggest Good Logistics For A Two-wheeler Transfer?

If you don’t want to use the Railway network then there is another amazing way to shift your bike from your city or state to another city or state: Professional Bike Transportation Service. 

In India, you will get several professional transport companies in every single state that not only provide save transportation but the door-to-door delivery at an amazing cost 

Transport Your Bike By Movers Companies? 

  • Easy and quick booking and tour to door delivery.
  • Safe National, International bike shifting.
  • Two-wheeler, four-wheeler shifting.
  • Copper packing with high-quality material like stretch wrap films, bubble wrap, corrugated sheets
  • Heavy vehicles transport.
  • Live call support along with what’s app chat support.

What Are The Best Bike Transport Services In India?

  1. Cloudpackers.com
  2. Agarwalpackers.com
  3. Nobroker.in

Benefits Of Transporting Your Bike By Packers And Movers company?

  • You will get your bike transfer anytime anywhere you want.
  • No need to wait for any verification.
  • Professional mover companies take care of your bike personally 
  • No hustle of caring for your house from any station, as they provide door-to-door service.
  • Reliable and trusted packing.

What Is The Safest Way For Transporting your Bike Anywhere In India? 

The above-mentioned methods are reliable but is there any way of 100% safety and satisfaction.

So, what is the safest way where there is no chance of breaking or scratches?

The answer is An Enclosed Truck.

Benefits Of Transporting Your Bike by An Enclosed Truck:

  • Transfer your bike from anywhere to anywhere whether a city, megacity small town, or a village.
  • It will protect your vehicle from scratches, and breakages of every sensitive part.
  • You can transfer two-wheelers or four-wheelers safely.

Two Wheeler Transport To Another City By Road Charges In India?

Bike shifting by road from one city to another totally depends on bike types and the distance of your destination

From 1000 KMS to 1500 KMS

  • 150cc to 200cc bike transport charges 5000 rs to 10000 rs. 
  • 200cc to 350cc bike transport charges 5000 rs to 10000 rs.
  • 350 to above sport bike 6000 rs to 11500 rs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to transport bikes from one state to another in India?

It is very easy. There are several methods like a train, movers company, or a truck. You can choose any of these methods. But via train is less costly.

What is the procedure to shift a bike from one state to another?

It depends on your comfort. If your destination is connected to the railway network, we recommend going by train method. Also, choose the luggage system.

How much does it cost to transport a bike from one city to another by train?

If you go with percale, it may cost less, but it is not secure as you can not control the train, picking and moving.

But if you go with luggage then, it will cost extra, but it is totally safe because you can go with your goods on the same train.

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So, as we promised earlier we have provided a full, detailed description of moving your bike from one place to another.

It totally depends on you which way you select.

So, comment below: what is the way you are going to choose for shifting your bike?

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